Donald Glover reveals the dark side of fandom with Swarm’s first trailer

Donald Glover, the award-winning actor, writer, producer, and musician, has signed an overall deal with Amazon Studios two years ago. His first output from that deal is the series “Swarm”, which will premiere at SXSW next month. The series was co-created by Glover and showrunner Janine Nabers and follows the story of Dre, an obsessive young fan of a popstar very similar to Beyoncé.

The show dives into Dre’s life, fandom, and the dark and unexpected places it leads her. Dominique Fishback stars as Dre, Chloe Bailey as Dre’s sister Marissa, and Damson Idris plays Dre’s boyfriend. Last year, Glover described “Swarm” as a “post-truth Piano Teacher” mixed with “The King Of Comedy”, and the teaser trailer released shows that the series is set to be a darkly beguiling piece of work.

Glover’s upcoming series is set to be a thrilling exploration of fandom and the dark corners of celebrity culture. It is a project that promises to delve into the obsessive and often dangerous nature of fandom, and the risks associated with it. Fans of Glover’s work can expect to be captivated by “Swarm”, and it will be interesting to see how his vision is brought to life. “Swarm” will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video later this year.

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