Bando Stone & The New World: Donald Glover’s Latest Mystery Project Drops Insane Trailer


Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, surprises fans with a trailer for his upcoming film Bando Stone & The New World, showcasing a post-apocalyptic adventure filled with comedy, monsters, and no release date in sight.


Donald Glover continues to defy expectations, transitioning from his multifaceted successes in music and television to a directorial debut on the big screen. This project, a blend of absurd comedy and stylish action, adds another layer to Glover’s impressive portfolio.

Plot Beats

  • Setting: Post-apocalyptic world
  • Protagonist: Bando Stone, played by Donald Glover
  • Supporting Cast: Jessica Allain and her character’s son
  • Conflict: Surviving threats from Tron: Ares animators and giant reptiles
  • Tone: A mix of A Quiet Place and Jurassic Park

Cast and Crew

  • Cast:
  • Donald Glover as Bando Stone
  • Jessica Allain
  • Directors:
  • Donald Glover
  • Screenwriters:
  • Donald Glover

Buzz and Highlights

  • The trailer showcases a unique blend of comedy and action.
  • Donald Glover’s dual role as lead actor and director.
  • Bando Stone & The New World doubles as a Childish Gambino music project with the film’s soundtrack serving as his new album.
  • The first single, “LITHONIA,” releases tomorrow, coinciding with July 4th celebrations.
  • Glover will embark on a tour starting August 11 to promote the album.

Production Notes

  • Glover’s directorial debut retains his signature style seen in Atlanta and Swarm.
  • The film’s production involves animators from Tron: Ares.
  • The lack of a release date adds to the mystery, building anticipation among fans.

Closing Credits

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Stay tuned for updates on Bando Stone & The New World. Until then, enjoy the new music and upcoming tour from Childish Gambino.

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