Ranking the Best New Characters on ‘And Just Like That…’

The legendary series, Sex and the City, has returned with its revival/sequel ‘And Just Like That…’ giving fans a chance to catch up with three of their favorite New York City women. But the returning trio isn’t alone; they’re joined by an ensemble of new characters who add fresh perspectives to the story. With the show already greenlit for a third season, it’s time to dive into the ranking of the best new characters that have captivated fans and stirred the pot.

10. Che Diaz

Che Diaz has the honor of being the first non-binary character in the series, offering a unique point of view that contrasts with Miranda’s frenzied lifestyle. While Che is a strong and confident individual, fans are split on their impact on Miranda’s character transformation. While some appreciate the new dynamic, others argue that the character’s influence has been more detrimental than beneficial.

9. Brady Hobbes


Brady Hobbes may not be a completely new character, but he’s certainly grown up. Initially appearing self-absorbed and insensitive, Brady evolves into a complex individual struggling with adult life’s challenges. The character’s transformation shows promise, and it’s intriguing to see him navigate the complexities of young adulthood.

8. Jackie Nee

Comedian Bobby Lee brings Jackie Nee to life, an unlikely friend for Carrie Bradshaw. His humorous nature and strong friendship with Carrie adds a touch of lightness to the series, proving that opposites can indeed attract and form meaningful relationships.

7. Giuseppe

Giuseppe, the poetic young Italian who catches Anthony’s eye, brings a dash of romance and comedy to the show. His introduction alone had fans scurrying to their search engines to find out more, and the audience is excited to see how his relationship with Anthony develops in future episodes.

6. Lisette Alee

Lisette resonates with Carrie as a young, ambitious New Yorker. Though she appears only occasionally, Lisette’s presence is impactful, offering a refreshing mentor-mentee relationship that fans have quickly warmed up to.

5. Lisa Todd Wexley

Lisa Todd Wexley navigates the challenges of motherhood, career aspirations, and personal losses, providing one of the show’s most emotionally resonant storylines. Her struggles have struck a chord with fans, who appreciate the multi-dimensional aspects of her character.

4. Lily Goldenblatt

Lily Goldenblatt, once a baby in the original series, has grown into an independent young woman. Her journey to let go of societal pressures and embrace her own path resonates with fans who remember her from her infancy in Sex and the City.

3. Rock Goldenblatt

Rock Goldenblatt is another returning character who has matured significantly. Now identifying with they/them pronouns, Rock’s story serves as an inspiration to young viewers struggling with identity and societal norms.

2. Seema Patel

Stepping in to fill the void left by Samantha, Seema Patel becomes a new best friend to Carrie, capturing fans’ hearts with her fierce independence and unapologetic nature. Her character complexity has fans rooting for her, making her one of the series’ standout new additions.

1. Dr. Nya Wallace

Dr. Nya Wallace shines as the show’s most refreshing new character. A law professor by profession, Nya goes through a journey of self-discovery that includes re-entering the dating scene, making her an instant favorite. Her level-headed and friendly nature makes her the most compelling of the new characters, and fans are excited to see what lies ahead for her.

With a new season in the pipeline, ‘And Just Like That…’ continues to evolve, and these characters are set to further shape the narrative. But one thing’s for sure: these new faces have left an indelible mark, proving that the show’s charm isn’t limited to the original cast.

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