Director drops shocking surprise cameo in ‘The Flash’: you will NEVER guess who

Warner Bros.’s forthcoming superhero extravaganza “The Flash” promises a thrilling journey through DC’s history, and it’s not just Michael Keaton making a noteworthy return. In an enlightening chat with Esquire Middle East, the film’s director, Andy Muschietti, dropped a bombshell: none other than Nicolas Cage will be gracing the silver screen as Superman. This electrifying revelation brings Cage’s comic book saga full circle, dating back to his casting in Tim Burton’s ill-fated “Superman Lives” a quarter-century ago.

“Working with Nic was a dream come true,” gushed Muschietti. “Despite his role being a cameo, he immersed himself completely. I’ve always aspired to collaborate with him, and I hope to do so again in the future.”

True Cage aficionados are well aware of the actor’s deep-seated passion for Superman. Not only was he all set to don the iconic cape in Burton’s scrapped project, but his devotion even extended to naming his son Kal-El, in homage to Superman’s Kryptonian birth name.

The exact manner in which Cage’s Superman will weave into the intricate plot of “The Flash” remains under wraps. The multiverse-based storyline elucidates the return of Michael Keaton’s Batman/Bruce Wayne, a character he last portrayed in Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns” (1992). Likewise, Ben Affleck is donning the cape and cowl once again, reprising his Batman/Bruce Wayne role from Zack Snyder’s films. With two iterations of Batman and Nicolas Cage’s Superman now in the mix, it seems that “The Flash” might hold more multiverse surprises for fans than initially anticipated.

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Following the initiation of the Batman franchise, Tim Burton set his sights on Superman in 1998, spearheading the development of “no Superman Lives.” The plot revolved around Superman’s battle against Doomsday, with a screenplay penned by Kevin Smith.

Reflecting on his unrealized portrayal of the Man of Steel, Cage recently told Variety, “It was envisioned as an ’80s Superman with this long, black samurai-esque hair. We were aiming for a more emo Superman, but we never reached that point.”

While Cage has professed no interest in joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, saying, “I don’t need to be in the MCU, I’m Nic Cage,” his long-awaited entry into the DC Universe is finally happening, marking a poignant conclusion to his 25-year hiatus.

Come June 16, “The Flash” will dash into cinemas, courtesy of Warner Bros., promising a thrilling superhero spectacle.

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