Ezra Miller Replaced in ‘Invincible’ amid Ongoing Controversies

Changes in Prime Video’s ‘Invincible’ Voice Cast

Prime Video’s animated series ‘Invincible’ seems to have witnessed a recast of the voice actor for the character District Attorney Sinclair. This change follows a string of controversies involving the character’s former voice actor, Ezra Miller, who is also known for their lead role in ‘The Flash.’

Ezra Miller’s Role in ‘Invincible’

Miller, who employs they/them pronouns, had lent their voice to District Attorney Sinclair in the first season of ‘Invincible.’ This character is portrayed as a genius studying at Upstate University, who believes human frailties can be addressed via engineering. After facing defeat from the ‘Invincible’ team, Sinclair makes a comeback in the second season’s episode titled “I’m Not Anywhere.”

Recasting of Sinclair’s Voice Actor

In the recent episodes, though, it appears that Sinclair’s character is now voiced by Eric Bauza instead of Miller. Bauza is an experienced voice actor with over 350 credits, particularly for animated productions like ‘X-Men ’97,’ ‘Krapopolis,’ ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,’ and ‘Rick & Morty.’

No official announcements have been made regarding this change. Questions about the matter were directed to Miller’s representative and Prime Video, but neither has responded as of yet.

Controversies Surrounding Ezra Miller

Miller has been mired in controversy since April 2020 when a video of them seemingly choking a female fan outside a bar in Reykjavik, Iceland, surfaced online. Following this, the actor has been involved in several incidents leading to arrests and protective orders against them.

In August 2022, Miller publicly apologized for their actions, citing “complex mental health issues” as an underlying cause and announced their commitment to seeking treatment. The ‘Fantastic Beasts’ actor is undergoing ongoing treatment in relation to their mental health issues.

‘Invincible’ Animated Series Cast

The voice cast of ‘Invincible’ includes notable actors like Steven Yeun, Sandra Oh, Zazie Betz, Seth Rogen, J.K. Simmons, and others. Mark Hamill, Gillian Jacobs, Andrew Rannells, and Jason Mantzoukas are also part of the talented ensemble.

‘Invincible’ Season Two Finale

The two-part finale of ‘Invincible’s second season will debut on April 4 on Prime Video.

Wrapping Up

The change of voice actor for District Attorney Sinclair in ‘Invincible’ comes under interesting circumstances. While viewers await official confirmation, they can continue to enjoy this animated series on HitPlay. Whether this change will impact future seasons or characters remains to be seen.

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