Emily Blunt Reveals Mom Teases Her About Losing British Accent

Emily Blunt has seemingly mastered the American accent, even earning a 2024 Oscar nomination for her role as Kitty Oppenheimer in the biopic “Oppenheimer.” However, Blunt’s mother has observed that her accent has slightly changed due to her time spent in the United States.

Emily Blunt Discusses Accent Changes

A resurfaced interview from The Late Show With Stephen Colbert has been making the rounds on Facebook, where Blunt discusses her accent. In the video, which can be watched on YouTube, Blunt mentions her mother’s remarks:

“She says to me on the phone sometimes, ‘You’re sounding very Mid-Atlantic.’”

Emily Blunt was born in London and moved to the United States around 2010, after marrying actor John Krasinski. Her mother’s observation isn’t surprising given Blunt’s extended stay in America.

Life in America and the UK

Blunt and Krasinski lived in Hollywood for several years before relocating to Brooklyn, New York, to distance themselves from the entertainment hub. Recently, they purchased a home in East London, where Blunt has expressed delight over her daughters’ developing British accents. Regarding Krasinski’s experience in London, Blunt shared:

“He loves it, but very much feels like a foreigner there. I think Americans are so welcoming to British people… I do not think it works the other way around. John said he would go into this rather snooty cafe near a flat I used to own there, and he said ‘They are always so horrible to me in it.’ I went ‘Take your baseball cap off. That’s why.’ No one wears baseball caps in England. You look so American.”

Blunt highlighted interesting cultural differences, noting that while Americans find British accents intriguing, the reverse isn’t necessarily true.

Professional Collaborations and Future Projects

Despite cultural differences, Blunt and Krasinski remain a robust Hollywood pairing. They recently collaborated on the family-friendly film IF, where Blunt voiced the character Unicorn. They also worked together on the A Quiet Place series. Blunt has humorously addressed fans who wished Krasinski ended up with his character’s romantic interest from The Office, Pam.

Wrapping Up

Emily Blunt’s ability to adapt her accent showcases her versatility as an actress. You can catch her recent work in The Fall Guy on PVOD platforms. For more on the latest 2024 movie releases, visit HitPlay.

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