John Candy Documentary Getting Made by Amazon, Ryan Reynolds, Colin Hanks

In commemoration of John Candy’s 30th death anniversary this year, an upcoming documentary, under the direction of Colin Hanks, aims to honor the legacy of the beloved actor. Known for his roles in films like Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Candy left an indelible mark on the world of comedy. Colin Hanks and the production team, including Glen Zipper and Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort, are diligently working to capture and convey the “warm and comforting feeling” associated with Candy’s persona.

Glen Zipper, a producer for the documentary, shared insights about the project’s vision during the Cannes Film Festival. According to Deadline, he expressed that the aim is to emulate the positive sentiments that one feels after watching a John Candy film. He says, “You can’t think of a film of John Candy’s — if you turned it on the day where you were in a bad mood and you gave him 90 minutes of your life — there’s no way you don’t come out the other side feeling better.”

Colin Hanks echoed Zipper’s sentiments, sharing fond memories of meeting Candy as a child. He alluded to the actor’s ability to bring comfort and happiness, a quality that they aspire to encompass in the documentary.

Overcoming Candy’s Struggles

Even with the humorous inclination of Candy’s performances, his personal life was fraught with battles against anxiety, panic attacks, obesity, and substance abuse. Yet, it is his talent to radiate an inviting warmth that stands out for fans and peers. The producers aim to focus on this aspect, intending to deliver the consoling feeling Candy bestowed upon his audience.

The Team Behind the Documentary

The production team managing the documentary comprises noteworthy names such as Colin Hanks as the director and Glen Zipper as a producer. Ryan Reynolds’ production company, Maximum Effort, is also on board for this endeavor. Furthermore, the Candy family has also extended their full support and blessings for the project.

John Candy’s career in Hollywood took off during the 1980s and he delivered memorable performances in films like Stripes, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Splash, Spaceballs, The Great Outdoors, and Uncle Buck. Despite his untimely death in 1994 due to a heart attack, his comedic talent continues to be revered.

Wrapping Up

As admirers anticipate the completion of this documentary, they can indulge in Glen Zipper’s recent work titled ‘The Blue Angels’ streaming on Amazon Prime. Furthermore, his documentary on Elizabeth Taylor is slated to premiere on HBO on August 3rd. Details about the release date of the John Candy documentary remain undisclosed. Stay updated with the latest information and enjoy a spectrum of entertainment options at HitPlay.

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