Alison Brie on Chevy Chase Dissing ‘Community,’ Failed Pilot with Jennifer Lawrence

Alison Brie recently opened up about the prospect of bringing the “Community” mantra “Six Seasons and a Movie” to fruition, noting that Chevy Chase’s involvement is unlikely. In her conversation with Andy Cohen on WWHL, Brie navigated various subjects, including Chase’s perspective on the series. Brie revealed, “Chevy Chase’s take on the modern classic NBC sitcom as it happened. ‘You know, that happened on Marc Maron’s podcast, who I worked with on Glow,’ she told Andy. ‘I always listen, so I really, like, heard it live before I read it online.'”

Chase’s departure from “Community” was marked by controversy, and his subsequent comments highlighted his dissatisfaction. “I honestly felt the show wasn’t funny enough for me, ultimately. I felt a little bit constrained,” Chase articulated on Maron’s podcast, expressing his longing for a different comedic environment. Despite the show’s celebrated innovation and character depth, Chase preferred solitude over the daily ensemble dynamic, leading to his exit after racially insensitive remarks during a heated discussion with the creator.

Brie’s Brush with Jennifer Lawrence in a Forgotten Pilot

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During the same interview, Brie touched on her work in a pilot that never saw the light of day, which featured a young Jennifer Lawrence in a minor role. “A surprising star-crossed encounter she didn’t even realize at first she’d had, and it all stems back to a failed Comedy Central pilot she says was called Not Another High School Show,” Brie recounted, highlighting the industry’s small world and the unseen starts of now-celebrated actors.

In addition, Brie shared a personal anecdote about rejecting a date with the “thumbs down” emoji, emphasizing her straightforward communication style. “Then she shared that she once declined a date offer from someone with the ‘thumbs down’ emoji. As Andy’s jaw dropped and the audience gasped at the harsh measure, Alison assured everyone that the unnamed guy ‘deserved it.'”

The Hidden Gems of Unreleased Projects

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The discussion around “Not Another High School Show” underscores the intrigue surrounding unaired pilots, especially those involving actors who later rise to fame. Brie’s call to action, “We need a special screening of Not Another High School Show and we need it stat! Do it as a benefit to raise money for school systems … just make sure this happens,” suggests a creative avenue for unveiling these hidden gems to the public while supporting a good cause. You can watch the pilot above.

Wrapping Up

Alison Brie’s candid discussion provides insight into the complexities of sitcom production, the unpredictable paths of actors’ careers, and personal anecdotes that humanize their experiences. The conversation not only rekindles interest in “Community” but also sparks curiosity about the industry’s lesser-seen corners. Visit for more engaging stories and insights into pop culture and filmmaking.

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