Jon Stewart Says Apple Wouldn’t Let Him Cover the False Promises of AI

Jon Stewart recently revealed he was asked by Apple not to interview Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan on his Apple TV+ show and podcast, “The Problem with Jon Stewart”. During an admission on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” Stewart shared Apple’s request to refrain from engaging in a conversation about artificial intelligence (AI) with Khan who holds a critical stance on Big Tech.

Apple’s Request

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In a recent episode of “The Daily Show,” Stewart confessed to Khan that Apple discouraged him from inviting her as a guest on his own show, a request he found perplexing. Apple’s stand didn’t appear to come from a place of animosity, however, as Stewart light-heartedly remarked that the tech giant probably wasn’t a fan of Khan’s outspoken views.

Lina Khan and Big Tech

Khan, who assumed the chairmanship of the Federal Trade Commission in 2021, has consistently been vocal in her criticism of the operational methods employed by tech heavyweights like Amazon and Meta. She has garnered both praise and respect from Democrats and Republicans alike for her unwavering commitment to antitrust initiatives.

Apple’s Concern About AI Discussion

Additionally, Stewart indicated that Apple had reservations about the manner in which “The Problem” intended to handle the subject of AI. It was established that Apple was against a specific segment that was to satirically present the overblown promises of artificial intelligence. Stewart found himself questioning the sensitivity of these tech corporations, wondering aloud why they were apprehensive of having open public discourse around these subjects.

Disagreement Leading to Cancellation of the Show

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Things were not smooth behind the scenes either. The eight-episode third season of “The Problem” was abruptly terminated by Apple TV+ in October 2021. Rumors circulated about a rising contention between Apple and Stewart regarding the themes to be explored in the third season of the show. Allegedly, Apple approached Stewart with the requirement of being “aligned” on show topics, to which Stewart protested. The comedian wanted complete creative control, and the interference from Apple led him to walk away from the show.

Wrapping Up

It’s evident that Jon Stewart’s creative vision did not gel well with Apple’s corporate interests. As we continue to question the immense power of Big Tech and their influence on our lives, it’s important to create platforms for open and unbiased conversations. Stay updated on the latest tech and entertainment news by visiting HitPlay.

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