Rebel Wilson Says Sacha Baron Cohen Tried to Stop Her Memoir Release; Cohen Denies

In recent developments, the entertainment industry is abuzz with the controversy surrounding Rebel Wilson’s upcoming memoir, “Rebel Rising,” specifically her accusations against Sacha Baron Cohen. Wilson claims Cohen, her co-star from the 2016 film “The Brothers Grimsby,” is the Hollywood “a–hole” attempting to silence her from sharing her experiences. Cohen’s camp has vehemently denied these allegations, asserting that extensive evidence, including documents and eyewitness accounts, contradicts Wilson’s claims.

The Core of the Controversy

Wilson has accused Cohen of trying to intimidate her into excluding his name from her memoir, where she intends to detail a negative encounter with him. She alleges Cohen has gone as far as hiring high-priced lawyers and a crisis PR manager to suppress the release of her book. Despite these purported efforts, Wilson remains steadfast, vowing not to be bullied or silenced.

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In a detailed response, a representative for Cohen has labeled Wilson’s allegations as “demonstrably false.” They argue that the claims are directly refuted by “extensive detailed evidence,” including contemporaneous documents, film footage, and eyewitness accounts from those present during the production of “The Brothers Grimsby.”

The Allegations and the Denial

Wilson’s decision to name Cohen directly on social media as the individual she will discuss in one chapter of her book marks a significant escalation in their dispute. This revelation follows an earlier video posted by Wilson, where she hinted at discussing her no “a–holes” policy in the industry, inspired by her experiences, particularly with Cohen.

On the other hand, Cohen’s denial of the allegations has added a layer of complexity to the situation. His representatives have stressed the importance of speaking out but insist that the evidence on hand completely discredits Wilson’s narrative of the events.

Upcoming Release of “Rebel Rising”

With “Rebel Rising” scheduled for release on April 2, the public and industry professionals are keenly awaiting Wilson’s account of her experiences in Hollywood. The memoir is expected to offer insight into Wilson’s allegations and her broader experiences in the entertainment industry.

Industry Reaction and Public Discourse

This controversy highlights ongoing discussions about professionalism, boundaries, and power dynamics within the entertainment sector. It also underscores the challenges individuals face when speaking out against established industry figures.

What’s Next?

As this dispute unfolds, it serves as a reminder of the complexities of personal and professional relationships in Hollywood. “Rebel Rising” promises to be a revealing look at Wilson’s career and her interactions with Cohen, among others. The entertainment community and its observers are closely watching how this high-profile disagreement develops.

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