Netflix and NFL Collaborate on ‘Receiver’ Docuseries

Netflix is set to captivate football fans with another docuseries – ‘Receiver,’ following the success of last year’s unique venture ‘Quarterback,’ in collaboration with the NFL. The new series will shift the spotlight from the players who play-makers to those on the receiving end of their passes – the wide receivers and a tight end. ‘Receiver’ aims to offer an engaging depiction of the dramatic highs and lows experienced by these players during the 2023 season, similar to its predecessor. The series’ development is a joint effort by NFL Films, Omaha Productions, owned by NFL Hall of Famer Peyton Manning, and Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahome’s 2PM Productions.

Receiver: A Follow-up to Quarterback

“The natural progression is from a pass to a catch, so we’re excited to dive into the Receiver world after the success of our Quarterback series,” commented Gabe Spitzer, VP nonfiction sports at Netflix. The intent of ‘Receiver’ is to continue revealing the intensity, elegance, and complexity of the NFL. The series promises unique and dynamic profiles, illuminating the drama inherent both on and off the football field.

Contingent Cast

Last year, Peyton Manning admitted to The Hollywood Reporter that roping in more quarterbacks for a second season of ‘Quarterback’ was proving to be a challenge. He shared that despite his best efforts, three starting quarterbacks declined the offer the day prior to the 2023 NFL season’s beginning. Undeterred, ‘Receiver’ will instead concentrate on those who catch the passes thrown by the QBs. The series will feature Davante Adams from the Las Vegas Raiders, Justin Jefferson of the Minnesota Vikings, George Kittle, the aforementioned tight end, Deebo Samuel of the San Francisco 49ers, and Amon-Ra St. Brown of the Detroit Lions.

Unique Stories, Excellent Players

In a statement released, Manning expressed his excitement working with Netflix and NFL Films once again. He added, “As we did with Quarterback, we look forward to telling the stories of five incredible receivers, each with their unique personality, skillset, and motivation for what drives them to be the best.”

Expectations for the Series

“We were thrilled last summer to see audiences all over the world diving into the lives of NFL quarterbacks. We believe the extraordinary skills, dedication, and passion of the NFL’s great wide receivers — and one tight end — will make a perfect follow-up,” stated NFL Films supervising producer Joe Zucco. ‘Receiver,’ executive-produced by Peyton Manning and Jamie Horowitz from Omaha Productions, Ross Ketover, Pat Kelleher, and Keith Cossrow from NFL Films, and Mahomes from 2PM Productions is also set to premiere this summer.

Wrapping up

Netflix, in collaboration with NFL, continues to provide enthusiasts a unique insight into the lives of the players who make the game what it is. The upcoming series ‘Receiver’ promises to maintain this tradition, detailing the lives and journeys of wide receivers and a tight end amidst the huddles and tackles of NFL. If you want to explore more exciting content on filmmaking techniques and the game, head to HitPlay.

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