‘Netflix Cancels ‘The Brothers Sun’ After Just One Season’

“The Brothers Sun” is officially not coming back for a second season on Netflix. The star-studded cast, featuring Michelle Yeoh, Justin Chien, and Sam Song Li, along with the creative dream team of Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu, weren’t enough to secure its return. Despite its promising start, the show’s cancellation leaves fans with many questions.

The Brothers Sun

“The Brothers Sun” offered an intriguing tale of family, crime, and revenge. Justin Chien brought to life Charles Sun, a Taipei gangster who’s found his groove as a ruthless killer. But when a mysterious assassin takes his father’s life, Charles is forced to move to Los Angeles to safeguard his mother, Eileen ‘Mama’ Sun (Michelle Yeoh), and his younger brother, Bruce Sun (Sam Song Li). The show also had other talented actors such as Joon Lee, Highdee Kuan, Alice Hewkin, Jenny Yang, Rodney To, and Madison Hu.

Show’s Performance

Despite its cancellation, “The Brothers Sun” had a promising start. It marked a notable rise in its second week, witnessing a 38% growth from its debut week. It held a strong presence on Netflix’s Top 10 English-language series for five weeks, even reaching the second spot at its peak.

Critics’ Take

TV critic Angie Han referred to the series as something offering “violent action and dramatic twists.” Though she felt the end result was a bit less than what was expected, Han still deemed it as enjoyable and entertaining as a tray of freshly baked cookies.

The Creative Minds Behind the Show

Brad Falchuk donned dual hats, serving as both the creator and the showrunner of the series. He was also one of the executive producers, along with Byron Wu, Mikkel Bondesen, and Kevin Tancharoen. Their collective creative venture provided audiences with an action-packed comedy-drama that will surely be remembered.

Wrapping Up

The cancellation of “The Brothers Sun” undoubtedly disappoints fans who were looking forward to more thrilling episodes. As we bid adieu to this gripping series, let’s keep our hopes high for more exciting shows in the future. Meanwhile, don’t forget to visit HitPlay for more stimulating entertainment.

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