Sydney Sweeney Turns Heads in Balmain Top at Immaculate Premiere in LA

Sydney Sweeney has been quite the sensation lately during her press tour for the horror movie, ‘Immaculate.’ The actress has dazzled the media during her promotional appearances, appearing predominantly in all-white ensembles that went above and beyond the norm. Most recently, Sweeney wore a unique top made entirely of two hands holding a bouquet of flowers. Her stylist, Molly Dickson, certainly took things to another level with this cutting-edge design that had everyone talking.

Sydney Sweeney’s Press Tour Looks Turn Heads

Sweeney has been touring the world promoting ‘Immaculate,’ all the while showcasing style that screams Old Hollywood glamor. Her recent experimental fashion choice for the LA premiere of the film, however, has raised the bar even further. Sweeney wore an extraordinary Balmain top from the FW 24 collection which consisted of two hands embracing a bouquet. Coupled with wide-legged black pants, the actress looked truly striking and you can see the ensemble in action on Dickson’s Instagram post.

As evidenced in the video, the ‘Immaculate’ inspired look is crafted out of white flowers that wrap around Sweeney’s torso and up to her shoulders. The outfit is secured by two hands that resemble mannequins, creating a visually stunning and distinctive look.

The Team Behind the Look

This unusual top was complemented by Sweeney’s sleek wet hair look, styled by Glen Oropeza. The neutral glam makeup, featuring sparkly eyeshadow and a glossy lip, was the work of Melissa Hernandez. A final touch was added by Zola Ganzorigt, who took care of Sweeney’s nails. Together, they pulled off a look that perfectly compliments the array of outfits curated for the ‘Immaculate’ press tour.

In addition to her unique Balmain top, Sweeney has been serving bold Old Hollywood looks, giving off major Marilyn Monroe vibes, and experimenting with emerging trends. It seems she has a fondness for black and white ensembles, which she has been donning frequently.

Sweeney’s Immaculate Ensembles

In February, Sweeney graced ‘The Tonight Show’ in a delightful black and white minidress. She also showcased her edgier side at the Paris Fashion Week, where she went pants-free in a black, white, and sparkly outfit.

Sweeney’s co-stars Benedetta Porcaroli, Simona Tabasco, and the creative cast including writer Andrew Lobel, director Michael Mohan, and producers Teddy Schwarzman, Michael Heimler, Jonathan Davino, and Gabby Leibowitz, alongside Sweeney, have also been making fashion waves whilst promoting the much-anticipated horror movie ‘Immaculate.’

In the film, Sweeney plays a nun who uncovers something ominous within her convent in Italy. This black-and-white theme from the movie seems to have inspired the color scheme used for her press tour looks, creating a perfectly synchronised promotion for the movie.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve been amazed and intrigued by Sydney Sweeney’s stunning ensembles and want to see more of the actress in action, ‘Immaculate’ hits theaters on March 22nd. Be sure to check out the movie that has inspired these amazing features. For all your latest movie updates and reviews, keep visiting HitPlay.

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