“Anyone But You” Teases a Rom-Com Universe with Emma Stone’s Classic

“Anyone But You,” directed by Will Gluck, might just be pioneering a unique twist in the romantic comedy genre by hinting at a shared cinematic universe with Emma Stone’s beloved film, “Easy A.” Celebrating its 15th anniversary, “Easy A” could be intertwined with the fresh narrative of “Anyone But You,” following a clever Easter egg spotted in the new film. This subtle connection suggests a broader canvas where characters from different stories might intersect.

The link is established through a minor yet intriguing detail: a driver at the airport in “Anyone But You” holds up a sign with the name Olive Penderghast, the protagonist of “Easy A” portrayed by Emma Stone. This blink-and-you-miss-it moment implies that both films share the same universe, potentially setting the stage for future crossovers. The thematic continuity doesn’t end there; both films draw inspiration from classic literature, with “Anyone But You” modernizing Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” and “Easy A” reinterpreting Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Scarlet Letter.”

Moreover, director Will Gluck’s affection for Natasha Bedingfield’s music ties the two films together. “Easy A” featured “Pocketful of Sunshine” as a recurring motif, while “Anyone But You” incorporates “Unwritten,” weaving these tracks into key narrative moments. This musical choice further enhances the thematic linkage between the films, suggesting a potential signature element for Gluck’s rom-com universe.

The success of “Anyone But You” has sparked discussions about a possible sequel that could delve deeper into this shared universe concept. Imagining a sequel that brings back Emma Stone as Olive, perhaps interacting with Glen Powell’s Ben and Sydney Sweeney’s Bea, opens up exciting narrative possibilities, including a new love triangle scenario. This potential crossover would not only expand the universe but also mark a nostalgic return for Stone to the rom-com genre.

Wrapping Up

As “Anyone But You” carves out its place in the rom-com landscape, the intriguing tie-in with “Easy A” offers fans a new layer of engagement, blending nostalgia with contemporary storytelling. This innovative approach could redefine how romantic comedies are perceived and structured, encouraging audiences to look forward to more interconnected stories in this charming cinematic universe. For more on how this unfolds, keep an eye on Hitplay.

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