Kevin Costner Reportedly in Feud With Former ‘Yellowstone’ Cast Members

Kevin Costner’s recent professional and personal life has been nothing short of tumultuous with a controversial divorce from Christine Baumgartner and a deterioration of his relationship with Yellowstone creator, Taylor Sheridan. Disagreements over scheduling and the salary resulted in the sixth season being canceled, thereby leading to an abrupt exit for Costner before his character, John Dutton, received an appropriate sendoff.

Surprisingly, Costner’s sudden departure prompted some of his co-stars, Cole Hauser, Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, and Wes Bentley, to distance themselves. They were reportedly disappointed with the cancellation of another season following Costner’s departure. According to sources, the Oscar winner now feels “betrayed” by his former cast members who are grappling with their mixed emotions.

As for the future of Yellowstone, the cast, including Reilly, Hauser, and Grimes, has been reported to demand an enormous pay raise to continue their roles in the forthcoming spinoff. Reilly is said to be asking for a substantial $1.5 million per episode while Hauser is seeking $1.25 million per episode, in addition to their “contractually owed wages” for the abruptly terminated sixth season.

Had Costner stayed, it’s possible that the show wouldn’t be in this current predicament. It was noted that he and his representatives were “basically begging” for his Yellowstone role back after negotiations failed. Regrettably, his expensive self-financed film, Horizon: An American Saga, wasn’t fruitful. The volatile situation may have been too overwhelming for the cast, given their own job security concerns.

The Life & Style insider added that the cold shoulder treatment from his former co-stars has been quite a shock for Costner. It’s a stern reminder of the brutal realities of Hollywood’s cutthroat business. 

Wrapping Up

While fans continue to reel over Costner’s controversial exit from Yellowstone and the subsequent fallout, it remains to be seen how the dynamics of the series will evolve. Despite the harsh reality, the industry demands professionalism and resilience. For more engrossing content and updates, visit HitPlay.

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