Ryan Gosling Electrifies Oscars with “I’m Just Ken” Performance Featuring Slash

The 2023 Oscars were set ablaze with Kenergy as Ryan Gosling delivered an unforgettable live performance of “I’m Just Ken” from the box office sensation, Barbie. This spectacular moment was further heightened by a surprise appearance from the legendary guitarist Slash, making the event a significant highlight of the night. Gosling, known for his immersive roles, once again showcased his versatility by stepping into Ken’s shoes, not just on screen but on the Oscar stage, offering a profound glimpse into the character’s inner world through a powerful ballad. The performance, celebrated for its theatricality and emotional depth, not only entertained but also provided a unique perspective on Ken’s experiences and thoughts within the expansive Barbie universe.

A Night of Star-Studded Collaborations

The performance took an already charged atmosphere to new heights as Gosling initiated the act donning a black cowboy hat, prompting an immediate reaction of amusement from stars like Margot Robbie and Billie Eilish. The involvement of Slash added an electric edge to the performance, which was further amplified by the participation of Gosling’s co-stars and nominees, including Margot Robbie, America Ferrera, Emma Stone, Ncuti Gatwa, and Simu Liu, who all joined in for the climax of the song.

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The song “I’m Just Ken,” vying for Best Original Song with music and lyrics by Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt, has been a standout element of Barbie, a film that has not only captivated audiences worldwide but also earned over $1.4 billion globally. The movie’s success at the box office is matched by its acclaim, securing a total of 9 Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor for Gosling’s portrayal of Ken.

Behind the Scenes of “I’m Just Ken”

The journey to the Oscars stage for “I’m Just Ken” was nearly a road not taken. Mark Ronson revealed that Gosling’s vocal performance was a late addition to the project. The song emerged from the necessity of presenting Ken’s perspective, enriching the film’s narrative with a deeper understanding of his character. Despite the time constraints and the pressure of capturing the essence of Ken within a few hours, Gosling’s performance has become a defining moment for the character and a memorable piece of the film’s musical legacy.

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Wrapping Up

Ryan Gosling’s live performance of “I’m Just Ken” at the Oscars not only showcased his exceptional talent but also underscored the depth and complexity of the Ken character within the Barbie universe. Alongside a legendary appearance by Slash, this performance will be remembered as a highlight of the Oscars, reflecting the creative ambition and collaborative spirit behind Barbie. The film, available to stream on Max, continues to resonate with audiences, offering a vibrant, insightful exploration of identity, happiness, and the dynamics of Barbie’s world.

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