Oscars: ‘Anatomy Of A Fall’ Dog Will Miss Event, Fans Outraged

In a surprising turn of events, Messi, the Border Collie who stole the show in France’s acclaimed courtroom drama “Anatomy of a Fall,” will not be making an appearance at this year’s Oscars ceremony. According to several sources, the decision was made after studio-representatives allegedly expressed concerns that the canine actor was distracting attention from other nominees.

The Hype Surrounding Messi

Messi plays the role of Snoop, the domestic pet in the “Anatomy of a Fall” which is directed by Justine Triet. The movie revolves around the trial of a writer, portrayed by Sandra Hüller, who is struggling to establish her innocence after her husband’s death. Just like any big star overshadows the Oscars-nominated film, Messi, too, eclipsed other nominees by stealing the limelight at the Oscar’s nominees luncheon last month.

Notables such as Billie Eilish, Bradley Cooper, and Ryan Gosling, amongst the dog actor’s famous fans, appeared thrilled to engage with the movie’s dog at the luncheon. Their excitement matched that of when they were meeting legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg, a moment that was beautifully captured in a video from the event.

Messi Excluded From The Oscars

However, the impending Oscars ceremony will not feature Messi strutting down the red carpet. The decision, according to The Hollywood Reporter, was largely due to some film companies that had nominees in the running expressing their discontent over the dog’s presence. They argued that since Messi was not technically a nominee, he shouldn’t have been at the luncheon. The critics also stated that Messi’s burgeoning popularity provided “Anatomy of a Fall” an undue edge during the Oscar voting process.

Public Reaction to Messi’s Exclusion

Several film enthusiasts took to social media to voice discontentment about the news of Messi’s exclusion. Some users even creatively incorporated the incident in popular movie references, while others suggested intriguing plot twists for upcoming films centered around this event. Irrespective of the arguments and the drama, the public opinion largely remained in favour of Messi.

Wrapping Up

The absence of Messi – who was a crucial reason for “Anatomy of a Fall” to stand out among other 2024 Best Picture nominees – will indeed leave a void in this year’s Oscars. Meanwhile, “Anatomy of a Fall” is competing for five awards including Best Picture, Best Director for Triet, and Best Actress for Hüller. Don’t forget to watch Messi’s remarkable performance when the movie becomes available to stream on Hulu from Friday, March 22. Don’t miss any movie update and access curated content tailored to your preferences. Head over to HitPlay now.

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