Ryan Gosling Set to Perform “I’m Just Ken” Live at the Oscars

In a revelation that’s set to add a layer of excitement to next month’s Oscars ceremony, DailyMail.com has announced that Ryan Gosling is confirmed to perform “I’m Just Ken” live on stage. This decision comes after much speculation and in the wake of the controversy surrounding the nomination snubs of “Barbie’s” lead actress, Margot Robbie, and its director, Greta Gerwig.

The Buzz Around “I’m Just Ken”

The prospect of Gosling’s live rendition of the film’s hit song has been a hot topic since the nominations were announced. “Barbie” secured eight nominations, but the exclusion of Robbie and Gerwig sparked widespread debate. Despite the snubs, Gosling’s performance as Ken has earned him a Best Supporting Actor nomination, showcasing his significant contribution to the film’s success.

Gosling’s potential live performance was uncertain until now. The actor, in a previous interview with Variety, expressed openness to the idea, despite not having been approached formally. Mark Ronson, the mastermind behind the catchy track, also shared his enthusiasm for Gosling’s live performance, calling it his “dream.”

The Controversy and Solidarity

The Oscars nominations have ignited conversations about sexism within the industry, with Gosling and fans alike voicing their disappointment over the snubs. Gosling’s statement emphasized the indispensable roles of Gerwig and Robbie in the creation of “Barbie,” a film that has made a significant cultural impact globally. His solidarity, though appreciated, has also faced criticism for not taking a more substantial stand against the Academy’s decisions.

Gosling reflects on the role of Ken as his most challenging yet, likening the experience to a “high-wire act.” His commitment to the role and the film’s artistic vision highlights the depth of “Barbie’s” impact, far beyond its status as a summer blockbuster.

Wrapping Up

As we anticipate Ryan Gosling’s live performance of “I’m Just Ken” at the Oscars, the conversation around “Barbie’s” nominations continues to underline the ongoing debates about representation and recognition in Hollywood. With the Oscars set for March 10 in Los Angeles, Gosling’s performance is not just a showcase of musical talent but a moment of solidarity and celebration of the film’s achievements.

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