Mira Sorvino Tears Up While Recalling Harvey Weinstein Messing Up Her Career

Mira Sorvino’s career is anything but predictable. Since winning the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1996 for her role in “Mighty Aphrodite,” she shifted her focus to smaller, indie projects. During a panel discussion at 90s Con this past weekend, Sorvino revealed the unfortunate truth behind her career’s unconventional trajectory.

Sorvino reflected on how her Oscar win thrust her into the limelight. Before the recognition, she was relatively unknown, with just a few roles in films like “Quiz Show” and “Barcelona” providing her some exposure. Her Oscar win, however, firmly established her status as a recognized actress.

Unfortunately, her flourishing career took a hit after she rejected advances from disgraced former movie producer Harvey Weinstein for the third time. Sorvino stated, “My career was stifled by Harvey Weinstein,” leading to her retreat from major studio films after 1998. Sorvino continued acting in independent films and on television, but the landmark shift was challenging to grapple with.

The actress confessed she was initially perplexed by the sudden downturn in her career. At the time, she was not aware of Weinstein’s role in impeding her progress. In hindsight, she believes she construed it as an unfortunate streak of bad luck, confident it was only a matter of time before her momentum was restored.

It’s noteworthy to recall that Weinstein was convicted for rape and sexual assault in 2020, securing a 23-year sentence which was later extended by an additional 16 years.

Wrapping Up

Despite the obstacles in her career path, Sorvino found fulfillment in her personal life. She got married, became a mother to her now 19-year-old daughter Mattea Angel Backus, and served as a UN Goodwill Ambassador focusing on Human Trafficking since 2009. This notable turn in her life helped her prioritize her values. In her words, “I don’t see my worth as being a famous actress. I see my worth as being a good person.”

While it is a heartbreaking revelation to realize the stranglehold Weinstein had on the industry, it is gratifying to see Sorvino reclaim her life and continue to make her mark. We fervently hope nothing comes in her way hereafter! Interested in more stories like this? Check out HitPlay.

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