‘Mark Ruffalo Eager for Full-Villain Role After ‘Poor Things”

Mark Ruffalo, largely known for roles embodying the quintessential good guy or charming love interest, has recently expressed interest in exploring the darker side of character portrayals. The actor, acclaimed for his Oscar-nominated performances, has wowed audiences throughout his career with an array of roles, from the not-so-jolly green giant, The Hulk, the good guy in dramas like “Spotlight” and “Zodiac”, to a more tender, romantic demeanor in “13 Going On 30”. But his latest movie might just be the harbinger of a new chapter in his acting career.

Going rogue: Mark Ruffalo’s latest role

The actor recently received an Academy Award nod for his supporting role in Yorgos Lanthimos’ quirky film “Poor Things”. Ruffalo plays Duncan Wedderburn, a debauched lawyer who is all but well-behaved. The character places himself in a series of questionable situations, stealing the heart of Emma Stone’s quirky character Bella Baxter, and portraying himself as “a total egoist and megalomaniac”.

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Playing an unapologetic rogue, a far cry from his previous roles, has sparked a desire in the acclaimed actor to delve deeper into portraying complex, intricate and not-so-nice characters on screen.

Unmasking a darker side: Ruffalo’s venture into villainous territory

Ruffalo revealed his initial hesitation towards embracing the villainous role in “Poor Things,” which is a departure from the typically restrained characters he’s known for. Nonetheless, embracing the darker, more complex character resonated with Ruffalo, who compared the fearless and dangerous exploration to his theatre days.

Reflecting on his tenure in the Hollywood, the actor expressed his desire to break the mould of expectation, stating that he felt somewhat “oppressed” and “stuck” in the types of roles he was playing. Now, Ruffalo is keen on not just rocking the boat, but possibly crashing it if he can further test the limits of his acting ability.

I’m so sick of being so well-behaved. I just want to take the ship as close to the reef as I can without actually crashing it. And maybe I’ll crash it too. I don’t give a sh*t anymore.

Spotlight on Dark Side: Why Mark Ruffalo as a Villain is Exciting

Ruffalo’s performance in roles with shades of unapologetic rebellion like Paul in “The Kids Are All Right” and Terry in “You Can Count On Me” are testament to the actor’s versatility. Those roles, albeit of flawed characters, earned him critical acclaim, proving his ability to deliver convincingly complex performances.

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The audience’s acceptance and anticipation for a more villainous Ruffalo is further solidified by his portrayal of Duncan, signaling the beginning of an exciting, anticipated “Mark Ruffalo Movie Villain Era™”.

Catch Mark Ruffalo’s latest daring role as Duncan Wedderburn in “Poor Things”, available on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video and other platforms from February 27.

Wrapping Up

Fans of Mark Ruffalo and connoisseurs of complex characters are in for a treat, as the actor embarks on exploring the darker shades of his craft. Watch his remarkable transformation in the film “Poor Things”. For more updates on your favorite films and stars, visit HitPlay.