SZA Demands ‘Severance’ Now; Ben Stiller Responds

American singer-songwriter, SZA, despite a demanding schedule with her global ‘SOS Tour,’ makes time to follow popular television shows. Recently, the ‘Snooze’ singer expressed her eagerness for the next season of Apple TV’s ‘Severance,’ co-created by Ben Stiller, through a strong-worded post on May 2 via social media platform X.

Ben Stiller Promptly Responds to SZA’s Public Request

SZA’s unexpected plea caught the attention of the actor Ben Stiller himself. He promptly addressed SZA’s demand on his social media page with a concise response, “Ok…ok. Got it.” Despite the series renewal, there have been no significant developments since its 2022 premiere. SZA’s influential appeal might just bring about swift change.

SZA Playfully Apologizes for Her Strong-Toned Remark

Post-Stiller’s response, SZA posted an amusing apology for her language choice, “Omg, Please accept my humble apology 🥹 LMAO. Whenever you’re ready is fine 😩. [I’m] just dying of thirst. It’s the best show ever! You’re a madman 🫡. Thank you, Mr. Stiller, king sir!”

Omg please accept my humble apology 🥹 lmao whenever ur ready is fine 😩just dying of thirst it’s the best show ever! ur a madman 🫡 THANK U mr stiller king sir!

— SZA (@sza) May 4, 2024

The singer light-heartedly confessed to her influential act, marking it as a jest at herself, “Not I’m a stan and got caught bullying. Not bullying works. I’m calling the cops on myself.”

Not Im a Stan and got caught bullying ?? Not bullying works ?? Im calling the cops on myself.

— SZA (@sza) May 4, 2024

‘Severance’ Fans Begin Anticipating New Episodes

Meanwhile, this unexpected exchange between the acclaimed singer and actor has stirred ‘Severance’ viewers into launching a countdown awaiting new episodes’ upload on the streaming platform.

Wrapping Up

SZA’s social media interaction with Ben Stiller highlights how star-studded dialogues increase viewers’ anticipation about a series. For the latest development in the entertainment world, navigate to our official website at HitPlay.

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