Get ready for the action! Physical Season 3 Official Trailer drops on Apple TV+

Recovery is a lengthy journey that requires determination and perseverance. The highly anticipated return of Physical will be available on August 2 exclusively on Apple TV+. Since its debut on the global streaming platform, Physical has captivated both viewers and critics alike. The ensemble cast, led by the “perfectly cast” and “masterful” Rose Byrne, including Rory Scovel, Dierdre Friel, and Paul Sparks, has received praise for their remarkable performances.

Set in the picturesque yet fragile beach paradise of 1980s San Diego, Physical is a dark comedy series that delves into the life of Sheila Rubin (played by Byrne). On the surface, Sheila appears to be a dutiful housewife supporting her husband’s political ambitions. However, behind closed doors, she harbors a unique and darkly humorous perspective on life, which she rarely reveals to the outside world. Sheila also grapples with a complex array of personal demons relating to her self-image. But everything changes when she discovers an unconventional outlet for her emotions: the world of aerobics.

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In the second season, Byrne’s character successfully launches her first fitness video but faces new and formidable hurdles along her journey. Sheila finds herself torn between her loyalty to her husband and the values he represents, and a dangerous attraction to someone else. As competition in the fitness industry intensifies, she must battle fierce rivals to establish her own fitness empire.

Physical is produced by Tomorrow Studios, an ITV Studios partnership, and created, written, and executive produced by Weisman, who also serves as the showrunner. The series is helmed by director Stephanie Laing, who also serves as an executive producer alongside Adelstein, Clements, Bachner, and Byrne.

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