Super Bowl Trailers: Warner Bros, Sony, Amazon, and Netflix Sit Out Super Bowl Ads

As the Super Bowl draws near, speculation is rife about which movie trailers will premiere during the high-profile clash between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. While fans are eagerly anticipating a showdown on the field, the rumor mill suggests an equally thrilling lineup of trailers and TV spots that could light up the screens during game breaks.

Paramount’s Potential Showcases

The game, set to be broadcasted on CBS, naturally leads to expectations of a strong showing from Paramount and Paramount+. Unconfirmed reports hint at a diverse selection of content, including trailers for John Krasinski’s If…, the documentary Bob Marley: One Love, and the prequel A Quiet Place: Day One. Speculative mentions also include Knuckles, The Tiger’s Apprentice, The Family Stallone, and The Chi, indicating a wide range of offerings from animated adventures to dramatic series.

Disney’s Rumored Reveals

Among the most buzzworthy rumors is the potential premiere of the Deadpool 3 trailer by Disney, which could also serve as a platform to unveil Taylor Swift’s rumored involvement in the project. While none of this has been confirmed, the speculation adds an extra layer of excitement to Disney’s possible lineup, which might also include Inside Out 2 and Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes trailers.

Universal’s Anticipated Surprises

Universal has kept details under wraps, fueling speculation about trailers for The Fall Guy, Twisters, Wicked: Part One, and Kung Fu Panda 4. The lack of confirmed details only adds to the anticipation, suggesting Universal may have a few surprises in store for the Super Bowl audience.

Notable Studios Sitting Out

This year, Warner Bros, Sony, Amazon, and Netflix are reportedly sitting out the Super Bowl advertising rush. This absence leaves a gap that other studios are expected to fill, potentially altering the usual dynamics of Super Bowl movie promotions.

Wrapping Up

While rumors abound, it’s important to note that none of these trailers have been officially confirmed. The speculation serves as a testament to the Super Bowl’s unique role in not just sports culture but also as a pivotal moment for entertainment and movie marketing. As we await the big game, the potential for surprise trailer premieres keeps the excitement building.

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Source: Variety

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