Daisy Ridley Shares Advice J.J. Abrams Gave Her After Being Cast as Rey

Actress Daisy Ridley, known for her role as Rey in the Star Wars films, recently shared her experiences and challenges that came with acting in the high-profile franchise. In a candid interview, Ridley reminisized on the director J.J. Abram’s advice about the enormity of the film series and how it far exceeded her expectations, impacting her on both a personal and professional level.

Understanding the Scale of Star Wars

Ridley acknowledged that director J.J. Abrams foresaw the transformative impact the role would have on her life. Abrams had cautioned Ridley to “understand the scale” of the Star Wars franchise, comparing its gravity to a religion for devoted fans. The actress agreed with Abrams in retrospect, asserting that her involvement drastically accelerated her road to stardom and brought her under the scrutiny of an extremely passionate fanbase.

Struggling to Balance Fantasy and Reality

The hefty expectations and attention associated with her role often put her in a difficult position, Ridley confessed. Friends, family, and audiences, had a romanticized image of her life, which greatly differed from her individual reality. Despite initially feeling she was coping well with the sudden fame, Ridley conceded that the unusual circumstances began taking a toll on her mental and physical health.

Health Consequences and Time Off

Ridley’s stress soon materialized as physical issues. During the release of “The Last Jedi”, Ridley disclosed to GQ in 2019 that she had developed health issues due to severe stress. Consequently, she decided to take a six-month break to focus on her health before beginning filming for “The Rise of Skywalker”.

Processing the Star Wars Experience

The culmination of the Star Wars series was a period of grief for Ridley. She found that understanding and processing the experience took years, and the process was surprisingly aided by the enforced solitude of the Covid-19 pandemic. Ridley realized that she still had a lot of unprocessed experiences related to her role in Star Wars.

Wrapping Up

Daisy Ridley’s candid discussion provides a deep insight into the rigorous mental and physical demands that accompany high-stakes acting roles in megahit franchises like Star Wars. Despite the challenges, Ridley navigated her way skillfully, earning a rightful place among other Star Wars legacy actors. For more such insights into the behind-the-scenes world of filmmaking, visit [hitplay.app](https://hitplay.app) for a comprehensive look.

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