‘SNL 1975’: ‘The Fabelmans’ Star to Play Lorne Michaels; Cooper Hoffman & Rachel Sennott Also Join Cast

Prepare to take a trip back to the birth of one of the most iconic comedy shows in television history. Sony Pictures’ upcoming Saturday Night Live movie, titled SNL 1975, has attracted a talented trio to join its ensemble cast. According to Deadline, Rachel Sennott of Bottoms, Cooper Hoffman from Licorice Pizza, and Gabriel LaBelle who rose to fame in The Fabelmans, have all been tapped for key roles in this highly-anticipated project.

On Set with ‘SNL 1975’: What Roles Will the New Additions Play?

The forthcoming film promises to provide a detailed narrative of the challenging moments that shaped the inaugural opening night of Saturday Night Live. Gabriel LaBelle has been cast to embody the role of Lorne Michaels, the brain behind SNL’s enduring success, along with the show’s leading executive producer. Rachel Sennott will bring to life Rosie Shuster, a former SNL writer, while Cooper Hoffman is slated to play former executive producer Dick Ebersol.

A Sneak Peak: What Can We Expect from ‘SNL 1975’?

The plot is set to delve into the behind-the-scenes drama of the countdown to that groundbreaking first SNL broadcast. This isn’t just an ordinary recounting. It is a thrilling exploration of the magic and mayhem that very nearly stifled this revolutionary moment in television history. The story ends as the now-iconic words, “Live From New York, it’s Saturday Night,” echoed across our screens for the very first time.

In the director’s chair for SNL 1975 is Ghostbusters: Afterlife’s Jason Reitman, who also co-authored the screenplay with Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire director, Gil Kenan. The pair, along with Jason Blumenfeld, Erica Mills and Peter Rice, are the driving force behind the film’s production. They’ve dedicated themselves, not only to the creation of this film, but also to conducting comprehensive interviews with all surviving cast members, writers, and crew who were present on that historic night of October 11, 1975.

An Enduring Legacy: The Impact of Saturday Night Live

Now into its 48th season, Saturday Night Live is considered a launchpad for many of the big names in comedy and acting. Over the decades, stars like Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, and Maya Rudolph, just to name a few, have all honed their comic skills in the SNL arena. With Lorne Michaels continuing his role as executive producer, this legendary series is showing no signs of slowing down.

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