Noah Hawley Drops Insights About Alien Prequel Series

Hollywood raises anticipation high as Emmy-winning showrunner, Noah Hawley, spills some exciting details about his upcoming prequel series to the thriller, Alien. Projected under FX, the series has attracted numerous fans who are eager to see a fresh yet loyal spin on the iconic Alien franchise. The series, set nearly 70 years in the future, offers a peek into an Earth before the Era of the Alien took over.

The Interview: Hawley Delves Deep Into Alien Universe

The revered Fargo showrunner sat down with KCRW’s The Business, hosted by Hollywood Reporter Editor-At-Large, Kim Masters, sharing insights about the upcoming series and its connection with the existing Alien franchise.

Hawley elaborates on the series as more than just another monster story. It explores the line humanity walks between its primal past and artificial intelligence-imbued future, both paths offering deadly consequences: “It’s the story of humanity trapped between its primordial parasitic past and its AI future, and they’re both trying to kill us. So, there’s nowhere to go. It’s really a story of does humanity deserve to survive?”

Respect for the Alien Origins

Hawley extends his praise for Ridley Scott’s 1979 original, showing reverence for the film’s subtle mix of primal horror and futuristic AI elements. He cites the film as an inspiration for the series, aiming to recreate the sense of thrill and fear embedded in the original. “There’s something really intriguing about exploring humanity in all its goods and evils…” he says.

Navigating Existing Alien Mythology

Deciding how much of the franchise’s existing backstory should be included in his series was a difficult task for Hawley. The series ignores the narrative from Ridley Scott’s prequel films, Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, which suggest the aliens were created as bioweapons. Instead, Hawley prefers to portray them as frightening outcomes of evolution.

The Cast, Production, and Future of the Series

Featuring a star-studded cast including Essie Davis, Alex Lawther, and Timothy Olyphant, the highly-anticipated Alien series temporarily halted production due to the SAG-AFTRA strike in August. However, the crew is expected to return to their filming in Thailand soon.

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