‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Rome’ Costume Designer Dies at 91

April Ferry: Celebrating a Remarkable Career in Costume Design

April Ferry, an Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated costume designer famous for her outstanding work on award-winning films and series such as Game of Thrones, Maverick, Big Trouble in Little China, and Rome, passed away recently as disclosed by the Costume Designers Guild. A thought leader in transforming screenplays into visual narratives through wardrobe design, her legacy leaves an indelible mark in Hollywood. She was 91.

A Walk Through Ferry’s Illustrious Career

Ferry began her tenure as a costume designer with Lawrence Kasdan’s The Big Chill (1983). Her innovative designs were brought to life in notable collaborations with John Hughes on Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987), She’s Having a Baby (1988), and Flubber (1997). With Jonathan Mostow, she created memorable costume moments in U-571 (2000), Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003), and Surrogates (2009).

Accolades and Recognition

Ferry earned her Academy Award nomination for Richard Donner’s reimagining of Maverick in 1994. She was honored with an Emmy in 2006 for HBO’s Rome. In addition to these, she has contributed to renowned films including Donnie Darko (2001), Jurassic World (2015), and RoboCop (2014). Alongside her accolades, Ferry received a career achievement award from the CDG in 2014.

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Ferry’s Impactful Designs in “Big Trouble in Little China”

One of Ferry’s most notable works includes Big Trouble in Little China (1986), a John Carpenter’s cult classic starring Kurt Russell. Her detailed designs were brought to life in the armor and hand-woven hats worn by the three warriors known as the Storms. Here, in a 2016 interview with CDG, she speaks about her passion for costume design.

Game of Thrones and Other Noteworthy Credits

Ferry joined Game of Thrones in its sixth season following the exit of the show’s original costume designer, Michele Clapton. Together, they won a guild award for their work that year.

Her professional journey began on the 1979 films The Rose and The Jerk after working as a wardrobe mistress on The Dean Martin Show in the early 1970s. Over her career, she had credit for work on films like One From the Heart (1981), The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982), and worked on the costumes of Cher’s Mask (1985).

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Final Bow and Legacy

Survivors include her children, Steve, David, and Katy. With an illustrious career that has spanned over four decades, April Ferry leaves behind a timeless legacy that moodboards, visual narratives, and costume design enthusiasts will continue to marvel.

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