‘Top Gun 3’ Is Coming, Here’s What to Know

News of a third Top Gun installment has buzzed around Hollywood recently. It is reported that Ehren Kruger, co-writer of Top Gun: Maverick, is working on the script for the new chapter in the series. Maverick’s director, Joe Kosinski, is also expected to resume his position behind the camera according to sources. This development came to light through an article by Puck which first reported Kruger’s involvement.

Additionally, the core intent is to reunite lead actor Tom Cruise with co-stars Miles Teller and Glen Powell, who were part of the new generation cast introduced in Maverick.

A Deeper Dive into Tom Cruise’s Prolific Career

This exciting news comes shortly after Warner Bros. Discovery publicized that Cruise had signed a deal to star in and produce movies under their banner. However, this agreement is nonexclusive, leaving room for Cruise to continue his work with Paramount. While his recent films have been predominantly Paramount productions, he did not hold an exclusive contract with them. This new Top Gun development nicely aligns with the above recent happenings, thereby validating Cruise’s diverse and impactful presence in Hollywood.

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As for the Top Gun franchise, Maverick, released in 2022, astonishingly netted $1.5 billion globally. This rightfully holds testament to Cruise’s draw as a global superstar. His performance was so impressive that it led industry veteran Steven Spielberg to credit him with saving the theatrical business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Looking Ahead

Although there is much anticipation for the next Top Gun installment, fans may have to hang tight for a while, as Cruise is currently preoccupied with the eighth Mission: Impossible movie. This project is expected to take up his time until at least its slated release in May 2025. The development of Maverick also took several years before it hit the screens. Nonetheless, his enduring popularity ensures that studios will continue vying for the star’s time and talent in the coming years.

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