Every Movie Coming to Disney+ in January 2024

2024 is on the horizon, offering a fresh start after the turbulent times of 2023. It’s an exciting time for streaming enthusiasts, as the new year brings with it an array of films on Disney+. From groundbreaking comic-book movies that ignited the superhero genre to heartwarming documentaries showcasing real-life heroes, January 2024’s lineup on Disney+ is diverse and compelling.

The Last Repair Shop

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Streaming January 23

Documentary enthusiasts and film festival aficionados have a treat coming their way on Disney+ this January. “The Last Repair Shop,” a documentary short that garnered acclaim at fall festivals and is a strong contender for an Oscar, is set to premiere on the platform. The film takes us inside a unique repair shop in downtown Los Angeles, where dedicated technicians mend musical instruments at no cost, with a focus on supporting public schoolchildren in the area.

This heartfelt documentary has already made waves, earning nominations at the Critics Choice Awards and receiving high praise at its Telluride Film Festival premiere. It’s celebrated as a moving homage to the unsung heroes who passionately work to preserve the essence of music.

Kris Bowers, known for his scoring work on 2018’s “Green Book” and the recent “Haunted Mansion” reboot, directs this film, bringing his personal connection to music and its instruments to the forefront. Critics have lauded “The Last Repair Shop” as a poignant love letter to those who enabled Bowers and many others to pursue their musical dreams.

In addition to exploring the operations of the repair shop, the documentary delves into the personal stories of four of its technicians. These include a Mexican immigrant, a refugee from Azerbaijan, and an individual grappling with his homosexuality. Each story adds depth and humanity to this short film, offering viewers a glimpse into diverse experiences united by a common passion for music.

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While the film is currently available on YouTube, Disney+ subscribers will have the opportunity to watch “The Last Repair Shop” starting January 23, adding a significant title to their documentary collection.

Assembled: The Making of Echo

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Streaming January 30

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has navigated through various challenges post-“Endgame,” with some projects not quite hitting the mark. However, Marvel continues to generate excitement with titles like “Echo,” a Disney+ series that expands the story of Maya Lopez, a character we first met in “Hawkeye.” Set to stream on Disney+, “Echo” promises to delve deeper into Lopez’s narrative as she returns to Oklahoma, reconnecting with her Native American heritage while evading the relentless pursuit of Kingpin.

“Echo” has garnered attention for being the first Disney+ series to receive a TV-MA rating, indicating a shift towards a darker and more mature theme. The series itself premieres on January 9, and fans can look forward to a deeper exploration of its creation by the end of the month with “Assembled: The Making of Echo.”

The documentary is expected to offer valuable insights into the production process, especially considering the creative team’s aim to embrace a grittier, crime drama aesthetic, reminiscent of “Breaking Bad.” Early reactions have drawn parallels to Netflix’s “Daredevil,” suggesting that “Echo” will resonate well with fans of more intense, character-driven narratives.

The making-of documentary promises to be a fascinating watch, especially for those intrigued by the behind-the-scenes aspects of TV production and the creative decisions that shape a series. If “Echo” captures the audience’s imagination as anticipated, “Assembled: The Making of Echo” will be an essential companion piece, providing a comprehensive look at the creative journey behind this promising new addition to the MCU.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Indiana Jones Deal Destiny 2

Still Streaming on Disney+

“Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” continues to be a standout addition to Disney+’s catalog, despite its debut earlier in the month. The film presents a new chapter in the legendary Indiana Jones saga, set several years after the events of “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.” We meet an older, more world-weary Indy, who finds himself embroiled in another thrilling quest when a former Nazi-turned-NASA mathematician discovers the fabled Dial of Archimedes. This ancient device, capable of altering the course of history through time manipulation, sets the stage for Indiana Jones’s final adventure.

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Joining forces with his goddaughter Helena Shaw (portrayed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge), Indy embarks on a mission to prevent the catastrophic misuse of the dial and protect the world one last time.

The film marks a significant shift in the Indiana Jones series, with James Mangold (known for “Ford v Ferrari” and “Logan”) taking over the directorial duties from Steven Spielberg, who directed the first four films. Mangold brings a different perspective to the franchise, focusing more on character development and emotional depth. While his approach may not capture the same visual flair or the high-octane action sequences synonymous with Spielberg’s films, Mangold’s direction emphasizes Indiana Jones’ internal struggles with aging and relevance in a rapidly changing world.

Despite some deviations from the traditional Indiana Jones formula, “The Dial of Destiny” offers a poignant conclusion to the iconic character’s journey. Its audacious climax and heartfelt storytelling provide a fitting tribute to one of cinema’s most beloved adventurers. For fans of the franchise and newcomers alike, “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” remains a must-watch on Disney+, offering a blend of nostalgia and new adventures.


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Streaming January 5

The turn of the millennium brought a pivotal shift in the cinematic world with the release of “X-Men” in 2000, a film that transformed the landscape for comic-book movies. Prior to its release, the success of such adaptations was not a given, but “X-Men” broke the mold with its sophisticated and mature treatment of the genre. It not only respected its comic book roots but also demanded that audiences embrace a universe brimming with mutants.

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Set in a world where mutants are an emerging population, the film introduces us to Professor Charles Xavier (played by Patrick Stewart), who runs a school for these “gifted” individuals. Opposing him is the radical Magneto (Ian McKellen), who, tired of the discrimination against mutants, seeks to overturn the human order.

Central to the story are two compelling characters: Rogue (Anna Paquin), a young girl with the ability to absorb the powers and life force of other mutants, and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman, in a defining role), known for his healing ability, metal claws, and volatile disposition. “X-Men” stands out for its engaging narrative, well-developed characters, and a nuanced take on themes of prejudice and societal integration.

Despite some visual effects that may now appear dated, the film remains a captivating experience, testament to its strong character dynamics and thematic depth. While fans may have to wait for the sequels to arrive on Disney+, the groundbreaking original film, “X-Men,” is set to stream on the platform from January 5, inviting both long-time enthusiasts and new viewers to revisit the start of a cinematic revolution.

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