Wickedly Evil Review – When Heists and Horrors Collide

The premise of “Wickedly Evil” is a concoction of crime, horror, and comedy—a blend that promises an exciting ride through the underbelly of Dublin’s crime world. The setup is ripe with potential: a group of not-so-sharp criminals, a botched heist, and the unintended kidnapping of a crime lord’s daughter. It’s a scenario that teeters on the brink of chaos, where every decision could lead to uproarious consequences or dark turns.

A Missed Opportunity for Genre Excellence

The film’s aspirations are clear, aiming to stitch together the tension of “Reservoir Dogs,” the undead fun of “Shaun of the Dead,” and the raw indie charm of “Clerks.” However, “Wickedly Evil” struggles to weave these influences into the seamless tapestry it aims for. The production values, which one might generously describe as ‘indie,’ suggest constraints that hinder the film’s ability to fully deliver on its premise.

The Struggle of Potential Versus Reality

In filmmaking, as in any art form, the final product is often at the mercy of resources. “Wickedly Evil” seems to be a victim of this reality, where the ambition of its creators meets the harsh limitations of budget and time. The film’s script shows sparks of wit and verve, yet these moments are like diamonds in the rough, requiring the audience to search diligently for the brilliance that could have been.

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A Niche Appeal

There is, however, a particular demographic that will find “Wickedly Evil” to be a gem: the friends and family of those involved in its making. For them, the film will be a treasure trove of personal triumphs, a showcase of familiar talents, and a labor of love that transcends its on-screen flaws.

Availability for the Curious Viewer

For those intrigued by the promise of a genre-blending caper, “Wickedly Evil” is available on digital platforms starting November 13. It’s a film that, despite its shortcomings, may yet find a cult following who can appreciate the earnest effort of its production team and the glimmers of potential that shine through its rough exterior.

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