“Showdown at The Grand” trailer features Terrence Howard, Dolph Lundgren

Big screen Blues: Terrence Howard and Dolph Lundgren Star in ‘Showdown at the Grand’

Imagine the charm of a vintage movie theater, the nostalgia of 80s flicks, and an action-packed storyline – sounds intriguing, right? Here’s presenting the trailer of the indie action comedy ‘Showdown at the Grand’. The project, under visionary filmmaker Orson Oblowitz’s direction, has already sparked excitement with its refreshing throwback to a bygone era of cinema.

‘Showdown at the Grand’ tells the tale of a proud theater owner who stands up to corporate developers trying to usurp his cinema. Honouring the illustrious career of action star-turned-recluse Claude Luc Hallyday, portrayed by Dolph Lundgren, the movie also stars Terrence Howard, John Savage, Amanda Righetti, and Piper Curda. While it embraces its fair share of cheesiness and cliché, it’s exactly this that adds to the charm and makes it feel like a jovial tribute to the bygone era of cinema.

The plot primarily revolves around the theater owner George Fuller (Terrence Howard) who bands together with Hallyday (Dolph Lundgren) to push back against marauding ninjas sent by a corporate developer. This expectedly leads to a massive conflict which exceeds beyond the film characters’ illustrious careers to the actual theater itself. Brought to life under the direction of Orson Oblowitz and producers Christian de Gallegos and Mira Pak Howard, ‘Showdown at the Grand’ will hit select US Theaters and VOD on November 10th, 2023.

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