Masters of the Universe Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Coming Spring 2024

Get ready for a cosmic blast from the past! For He-Man fans and cinematic enthusiasts everywhere, the highly anticipated Masters of the Universe Collector’s Edition Blu-ray is ready to teleport you back to the thrilling world of 1987! Umbrella Entertainment is set to release this treasure trove of extras and exclusives, providing a comprehensive look into the cult-favorite that boasted a star-studded cast including the likes of Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella.

The Ultimate He-Man Experience Awaits!

Prepare yourself for a journey to the Castle of Grayskull, located on the peaceful planet of Eternia. As it faces imminent threat from the power-hungry supervillain Skeletor (Frank Langella in his unforgettable performance), only a group of renegade freedom fighters led by our charismatic hero, He-Man (Dolph Lundgren), can hope to rescue Eternia from doom. Add to this the unpredictable brilliance of troll Gwildor (Billy Barty) whose Cosmic Key – a sound-driven gateway opener – ends up transporting the epic confrontation right here to Earth in the middle of 1980s America!


What’s Inside Masters of the Universe Collector’s Edition?

Set for release on April 17, 2024, the Masters of the Universe Collector’s Edition Blu-ray is currently open for pre-orders exclusively at the Umbrella webstore. Here’s a peek at what this collector’s edition includes:

  • 48-page BTS book with expositions, and artworks
  • Durable classic poster art slipcase
  • A batch of eight exact replica lobby cards
  • A3 double-sided poster
  • Limited Release with unique Edition Number
  • Director Gary Goddard’s audio commentary
  • From ELECTRIC BOOGALOO, extended interviews with actor Dolph Lundgren, director Gary Goddard, producer Ed Pressman, co-writer Stephen Tolkin, production designer William Stout and special effects supervisor Richard Edlund
  • Stories about an unmade sequel – MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE 2 with filmmaker Albert Pyun and others
  • Archival featurette ‘Behind The Legend’
  • Compilation of Cannon Films Sci-Fi and Fantasy trailers
  • Multimedia gallery of film stills and posters
  • Original trailer plus teaser trailers of the theatrical release
  • Hidden bonus feature (a.k.a. Easter Egg)

Wrapping Up

In this jam-packed collector’s edition of Masters of the Universe, fans get to relive the cinematic magic of He-Man, including all the behind-the-scenes details and exclusive content. It’s a must-have for every fan’s collection. Pre-order yours today – only available from the Umbrella webstore.

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