“Giving Birth to a Butterfly” shows Lynchian suburbia shot on 16mm

Cinedigm has unveiled a trailer for Giving Birth to a Butterfly, marking the directorial debut of Theodore Schaefer. This avant-garde indie film initially made its premiere at the 2021 Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal and is set to be available for streaming on Fandor this May.

The narrative centers on a woman and her son’s expectant girlfriend, who join forces after her identity is stolen in order to hunt down the culprits.

Giving Birth to a Butterfly has been characterized as “utterly bizarre magic” and a “peculiar yet delicate tale of family, identity, and the improbable paths in a quest for self.”

The film features Annie Parisse & Gus Birney, Rachel Resheff, Paul Sparks, Owen Campbell, and Jessica Pimentel.

As noted by The Austin Chronicle, the movie possesses a Lynchian touch, unfolding in an alternate universe bearing a striking resemblance to suburbia but with a slightly off-kilter ambiance.

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