First look: Ava Cantrell stars in ‘Abigail’, a 1970s revenge horror thriller

A Look at the ‘Abigail’ Trailer, a 70s Revenge Horror Thriller With Ava Cantrell

Dark Star Pictures whets audiences’ appetites with an official trailer for the indie flick ‘Abigail.’ This gritty revenge-horror-thriller hurls us into the turbulent landscape of the 1970s and is fronted by actress Ava Cantrell. Please, don’t get ‘Abigail’ tangled up with the other revenant thrillers ‘Becky’ and ‘The Wrath of Becky.’ While they might harbor similar themes, ‘Abigail’ tells its own uniquely nightmarish tale.

The storyline centers on a troubled teen, Abigail, who befriends her unceasingly bullied neighbor. As her obsession with revenge grows, it becomes a dangerous game. The darker parts of her past surface unexpectedly, posing an even greater threat. With a cast that includes Ava Cantrell, Tren Reed-Brown, Hermione Lynch, Gene Farber, and Karimah Westbrook, we’re left wondering if this twist will reveal Abigail as a bad-to-the-bone serial killer.

Dive into ‘Abigail’ with the Official Trailer

Let’s take a peek into the chilling world of ‘Abigail,’ courtesy of Dark Star Pictures.

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‘Abigail’ revisits the year 1976. A teen named Abigail and her mom relocate to a small Alabama town, running from a violent history. She becomes friends with Lucas – the boy next door, the apple of the school bullies’ eyes. Abigail movements go beyond friendship, she intervenes, and things spiral out of control. As Lucas discovers the twisted nature of Abigail, he faces a difficult choice—to stand by her or stop her.

This thriller is directed by indie producer/filmmaker Melissa Vitello, who has gems like ‘Speak Now,’ ‘The Sound of Settling,’ and ‘Community Theater Christmas’ under her belt. The riveting screenplay was penned by Gunnar Garrett. ‘Abigail’ is gearing up for a direct-to-VOD debut courtesy of Dark Star Pictures, hitting screens on December 5th, 2023.

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