Get ready for laughs in ‘Invaders From Proxima B’ sci-fi comedy trailer

Behold! The Fun and Wacky ‘Invaders From Proxima B’ Sci-Fi Comedy Trailer

Get ready for an out-of-this-world comedic ride. “Invaders From Proxima B”, the latest indie sci-fi comedy sensation, is set to tickle the farthest corners of your imagination and galaxy! The upcoming flick is brought to life by none other than the phenomenal actor and filmmaker, Ward Roberts.

Set to make a grand reveal at the 2023 Austin Film Festival in Texas, “Invaders From Proxima B” is a wild comic tale centered on the Jankins family and Chuck, an adorable, wise-cracking alien hailing from Proxima B. The stakes soar higher than ever when Chuck crash-lands in the Jankins’ backyard and an eclectic lineup of weirdos hot on his heels. With the future of Chuck, the Jankins, and perhaps, planet Earth at risk, this movie ensures you have a roller-coaster ride filled with laughs!

The film’s ensemble cast brings together the acting prowess of Ward Roberts himself alongside Samantha Sloyan, Bo Roberts, Mike C. Nelson, Richard Riehle, Jeremiah Birkett, and Sarah Lassez. With its eccentric homemade humor, this flick is sure to find a special place in the hearts of fans of low-budget, yet immensely entertaining indie projects.

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So be ready for a hearty laugh when an alien-obsessed hippy influencer, a clumsy father and son duo, and a fervent pest control worker join the frolic, and the chaos magnifies! Will Chuck, the Jankins, or even the entire planet come out unscathed? Only time will tell.

Ward Roberts, an accomplished American indie actor and director, has previously made waves with his work in films like ‘Little Big Top’ and ‘Dust Up’, among others. “Invaders from Proxima B”, produced by Mike C. Nelson and Ward Roberts, is another testament to his narrative genius. Please keep an eye out for release updates, and be sure to visit the film’s official website.

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