Paul Sparks, Bruce Dern star in ‘Hands the Bind’ trailer

Paul Sparks & Bruce Dern Bring a Prairie Gothic Tale to Life in ‘Hands that Bind’ Trailer

Popcorns ready folks? Now dig into this eerie world of prairie gothic, echoing the unsettling silence of the outback and the impending doom of shattered dreams. Just released is the official trailer for ‘Hands that Bind’, an indie small town psychological thriller starring ace actors Paul Sparks, Susan Kent, and the legendary Bruce Dern. A gripping tale from the vision of the promising Canadian filmmaker Kyle Armstrong, this movie is all set to make its American debut this fall, after creating ripples at the Calgary Film Festival and the Vancouver Film Festival.

‘Hands that Bind’ absorbs you into the eerie desolation of isolated Albertan farmlands in the 1980s. The sprawling greens play stage to the engrossing saga of a farmhand named Andy, portrayed brilliantly by Paul Sparks. Andy’s dreams of taking over his employer’s farm are shattered when the landowner’s son returns unannounced, claiming his birthright. A sinister shadow creeps over the community as strange occurrences begin to unravel, driving Andy into desperate measures that may have irrevocable consequences.

Hands the Bind movie poster

This is the second feature film for the rising Canadian director Kyle Armstrong, who pulled in high praise for his debut movie, ‘Until First Light.’ If you are itching for a crisp psycho-thriller that elevates the everyday to the realm of the mythical, mark your calendars for November 3rd, 2023.

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