David Robert Mitchell and Maika Monroe Reunite for Sequel to “It Follows”

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a curveball is thrown your way: director David Robert Mitchell and actress Maika Monroe have announced a sequel to the 2014 cult horror film, “It Follows.” Entitled “They Follow,” the successor is set to go into principal photography in 2024, with Neon on board as co-producers.

David Robert Mitchell and Maika Monroe Team Up for “They Follow”

Mitchell’s Intriguing Portfolio

Known for breaking the mold with his innovative storytelling, Mitchell’s work on “It Follows” was nothing short of outstanding. It’s therefore interesting that he would choose to work on a sequel at this time. Of note is his current project, an 80s-themed dinosaur movie featuring Anne Hathaway and Oscar Isaac, which is still in its early stages of development.

Revisiting “It Follows”

“It Follows” earned its slot as one of the best horror movies over the last decade. The movie forgos conventional 21st-century horror norms, creating a beautiful mix of surrealism and real-life scenarios. Mitchell masterfully constructs every scene to be drenched in dread, evoking the works of early Carpenter. The film engulfs its viewers, scene by scene, into a relentless nightmare.

In “It Follows,” Monroe acts as a 19-year-old haunted by a curse passed onto her through sexual intercourse. It’s only by passing this “disease” on to another individual through sex that she can rid herself of the curse. Post the movie’s release, numerous scholarly debates analyzed the film’s allegorical representation of STDs and teenage sexuality. While the discussions were largely on point, “It Follows” offers so much more than just a critique on teenage sexuality and STDs.

Mitchell’s Recent Projects and Notoriety

Mitchell’s 2018 release “Under the Silver Lake” was, for the most part, unjustly downplayed. Despite this, over the years a loyal cult following has emerged who are steadfastly dissecting the film’s mysteries. There’s even a popular subreddit dedicated to analyzing the film. Mitchell’s ability to effortlessly encapsulate the essence of dreams through his movies is truly unique to his directorial identity.

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