Spawn Reboot set for 2025 release, announces Jason Blum

Spawn Reboot Expected to Hit Theaters in 2025 Despite Strike Actions

Staying steady amidst industry uncertainties, Blumhouse CEO Jason Blum, assures pop culture enthusiasts that the revamped version of Spawn will grace the big screens in 2025. Despite Hollywood’s recent bout with strikes, Blum’s optimism remains undeterred.

“2025 is when Spawn is going to come out. I stand by that. I stand by that.”

Blum’s commitment to the revitalized project extends even though the initial blueprint of the movie has been overturned. The entry of numerous A-list performers has necessitated broadening the project’s financial plan, departing from its conceived low-budget horror theme. Moreover, Todd McFarlane, the mind behind Spawn, is keen on broadening the Spawn sphere, envisioning a shared cinematic universe.

Revamped Spawn, More Than a Low-Budget Movie

In a recent discourse with, Blum divulged that the original scheme to make Spawn a low-budget horror film was revamped after signing “multiple A-list people.”

“My original plan has gotten tripped up a bit. You deal with a lot, given Hollywood. But, you start bringing on A-list people. They’re also not looking for an 8 million dollar horror movie budget.”

For now, the much-anticipated return of Spawn, born out of Todd McFarlane’s artistic genius in the early 90s, has been on the scripting stage, with the latest draft by Scott Silver, Malcolm Spellman, and Matthew Mixon. So far, Jamie Foxx is the only confirmed cast member, taking on the role of the enthralling antihero.

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Spawn Cinematic Universe in the Works

While fans impatiently wait for the reboot, Todd McFarlane has bigger plans brewing. He envisions a shared universe expanding beyond Spawn.

“Image Comics and the Spawn comic book are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. I’ve got well over 300 characters in my universe. Do I think there’s a way to branch out from Spawn into the Spawn Universe? Yes.”

Inspired by the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the expansion of shared comic book movie universes like James Gunn’s DCU, McFarlane is eagerly exploring new possibilities.

“The expansion has begun with my characters and is there a natural progression that could go on into Hollywood, the answer is yes… as long as we can launch Spawn out of the gate to start with.”

Birthed from the pages of McFarlane’s comic books in the 90s, Spawn transforms from assassin Albert Francis Simmons to a formidable Hellspawn after a deadly incident. Initially being Hell’s servant, Spawn morphs into a peculiar force against evil, confronting street gangs and organized crime with his demonic abilities.

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