‘Chucky’s Official Feud With ‘Little B*tch’ M3GAN Is Now Canon

In the world of possessed dolls, there exists an established hierarchy. Chauncey, M3GAN, and the likely unfamiliar counterpart, link to a ‘weird little boy’, are relatively new entrants to the scene. However, preceding them and paving their way were predecessors like Billy the Puppet and Annabelle. Towering over them all is the iconic figure of Chucky. In contrast to his doll-like ancestry, the character of Chucky is noted for his rebellious antics and open disdain for fellow malevolent dolls. This acerbic rivalry, keenly perpetuated by Chucky, even extends to M3GAN, the currently evolving ‘it-doll’.

The Disdain of Chucky

Chucky scoffs at the presumed norms and regulations, an amusing habit given that he exists within the form of a doll. Yet, this mischievous being for years has exhibited a scornful attitude towards other demonic dolls. Chucky continues his open feud with M3GAN, the popular new doll character, featuring prominently in the new season of his television series.

Chucky’s Confrontation with M3GAN

In the fifth instalment of the third season of the Syfy series ‘Chucky’, this cheeky title character, upon glimpsing M3GAN while browsing through television channels, reacts with marked vehemence. Unconcerned about the film’s absence on cable, Chucky’s disdainful reactions communicate disgust towards her. He ditches the expected language for a child doll, venting his anger through explicit curse words.

Personal Grudge Against M3GAN

Recognizing shared villainous tactics, Chucky furiously exclaims, “Little bitch, she stole my moves!” and then bluntly addresses M3GAN, saying, “F*ck you, M-‘Three’-gan.” This harsh retaliation isn’t confined to M3GAN. Chucky further reviews ‘The Boy’, dismissively labeling it as a mere “joke”. He extends his ridicule to the puppet in ‘Dead Silence’, jeering at its failure to secure a franchise opportunity.

Producer’s Stand on the Matter

Unfortunately, their rivalry doesn’t seem to end here. According to the producer of M3GAN, Jason Blum, Chucky would inevitably lose in a face-off against M3GAN. In his opinion, M3GAN’s intelligence far surpasses that of Chucky, making her more capable. He asserted this stand in an interview, conducted by Syfy last year. Echoing the sentiments of ‘Godzilla X Kong’ supporters, he questions the absence of a ‘M3gan X Chucky’ showdown, considering the potential such a clash could offer.

M3GAN’s Reaction

Despite the responses and expected rivalry, M3GAN remains unfazed by this commotion. For further details visit USA.

Wrapping Up

While we wait to see how the rivalry between Chucky and M3GAN unfolds, it’s indeed an engaging narrative plot for fans of demonic doll films. At HitPlay, we strive to keep you updated with the latest happenings in the world of film and television. To stay instantly updated with all new releases and exceptional, curated content, visit HitPlay.

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