One Piece showrunner eyes Jamie Lee Curtis for Netflix series

The enthusiasm around Netflix’s live-action adaptation of “One Piece” is building up even more with the possibility of Hollywood veteran actress Jamie Lee Curtis joining the show’s second season. The celebrated actress has shown interest in playing the role of Dr. Kureha, a sentiment strongly welcomed by both fans and the show’s team.

Before the live-action adaptation even hit our screens, Curtis had openly declared her love for the original story by Eiichirō Oda. Her admiration for the storyline sparked hopes among fans who were eager to see her portray the character of Dr. Kureha.

Taking to Instagram, the “Halloween” star shared a photo of Dr. Kureha, confirming her desire to portray the character. “Once the strike against the greed of the AMTPT is settled with a fair contract, I will lobby along with the growing fan frenzy to become Doctor Kureha in @onepiecenetflix”, she wrote.

Matt Owens, the showrunner of “One Piece,” responded positively to the idea in the comments, further hinting at the possibility of Curtis joining the cast in the second season. “Mommy dearest, that’s why we sent you that figure! No need to lobby. Once we get what we deserve and get back to work, let’s talk!” he wrote.

Given the success of the first season of “One Piece” on Netflix, the addition of a famed actress like Jamie Lee Curtis to the cast for the second season would definitely enhance the show’s reputation. Furthermore, it borders on a match made in heaven, with both Curtis and the show’s fans eagerly anticipating her joining the crew.

In “One Piece,” the narrative revolves around Monkey D. Luffy, a young aspirant King of the Pirates who sails through sea, hunting for the greatly coveted One Piece treasure. Along with his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, he battles myriad threats on his journey.

Dr. Kureha is a gifted doctor hailing from Drum Island who saves the lives of several main characters. Curtis’s rumored character has an apprentice, Tony Tony Chopper, who eventually becomes the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Looking forward, no specific plot details for the second season of “One Piece” have been released yet by Netflix. Nevertheless, fans are already speculating on the new characters that are likely to debut in the upcoming episodes, including Dr. Kureha.

“One Piece” features a star-studded cast including Inaki Godoy, Mackenyu, Jacob Gibson, Emily Rudd, Taz Skylar, Morgan Davies, and Jeff Ward among others.

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