The OA Co-Creator Hopes for Season 3 despite Netflix Cancellation

Brit Marling, co-creator and star of the acclaimed Netflix series The OA, has hope that a third season might still be possible, despite Netflix’s decision to cancel the show a few years back. This surprise cancellation left fans, the show’s team, and critics shocked since the show enjoyed widespread critical acclaim and had a loyal fan base. Even today, Marling acknowledges the challenges in reviving the series due to logistical issues and presenting business models. However, she remains hopeful that under the right circumstances, a continuation of The OA may just be justifiable.

The OA, helmed by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, was a sensation upon its initial release on the streaming platform in December 2016. The gripping narrative and the series’ mysterious plot were immediate hooks. A follow-up season came in March 2019 after Netflix renewed the show in February 2017. Initially, the creators envisioned the show as a five-season story arc. However, in August 2019, Netflix abruptly cancelled the series before the production team had an opportunity to wrap up the storyline with a third season.

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The cancellation of The OA was an unexpected blow to fans, the production team, and critics alike, particularly since the show received exceptional reviews and was among the streaming platform’s most applauded shows at the time. Four years post-cancellation, fans have given up on the prospect of a series continuation. Nevertheless, Brit Marling, the show’s co-creator, and leading star still nurse a glimmer of hope.

In her recent dialogue with Vulture, Marling openly discussed the series’ cancellation and the emotional impact it had on her and the rest of the crew. However, she revealed that if a few obstacles can be maneuvered and the right conditions are met, then there is still a possibility of a third season:

“What’s so sad is we even cried with our executives. Some of the fans are upset with Netflix, and I try to explain: The people who were really there making it loved it too and gave everything to it. I think the strikes have made it more apparent that there was a whole shift in the model of the entire business. Everybody suddenly had to make more, make it for less, make it appeal all over the world at the same time. And OA, despite its huge and loyal following, just fell in that gap. But I think about it all the time. And some part of me — I don’t feel that it’s ended. In my mind, I understand that it’s ended. But in my body I feel like it’s something that has gone dormant. If the right conditions and circumstances come again, it will grow. I really do think that.”

What Was The OA About?

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The OA narrates the fascinating tale of Prairie Johnson, a woman who mysteriously regained her vision after a sudden disappearance. Prairie’s return caused intrigue among her peers, with some considering her case a miracle. The storyline gets darker as Prairie assembles a group of youngsters, aiming to help others who disappeared much like she did. The most disappointing aspect of the show’s cancellation was the second season’s massive cliffhanger which left everything unresolved.

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The OA boasts an impressive cast that includes the likes of Brit Marling, Emory Cohen, Scott Wilson, Phyllis Smith, Alice Krige, Patrick Gibson, Brendan Meyer, and Jason Isaacs, among others.

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