Infidelity Specialist Lauren LaRusso Tips to Avoid Cheating Goes Viral

Lauren LaRusso, a 38-year-old therapist from Connecticut, has garnered significant attention online for her insightful guidance on handling temptations within marriage. LaRusso, known to her 21,000 Instagram followers as ‘The Affair Consultant’, is renowned for her expertise on infidelity. Her recent list titled ‘Three Things to Do Instead of Cheating’ became an internet sensation, inviting both applause and debate.

In her viral advice, LaRusso shared:

  1. “Treat the temptation as a wakeup call and talk to your partner about your feelings.”
  2. “Ask your partner to go to couples counseling, so you have a neutral space to explore your issues.”
  3. “Look inward and ask yourself what needs and wants of yours aren’t being met.”

Beginning her recommendations, she emphasized, “Being attracted to other people, even when you’re married or in a committed relationship, is normal. After all, we’re not dead yet.” LaRusso cautioned those tempted to be unfaithful, urging them to perceive it as a “serious warning sign for your marriage.” Instead of yielding to these impulses, she advocated for constructive dialogue. “You can go to your spouse and use it as a wakeup call,” she elucidated. She went on to advise couples to engage in open discussions about vulnerabilities and challenges, and to consider professional couples counseling for unbiased insights.

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Despite its popularity, with over 1.1 million views, the content drew varied reactions. Some critics found the advice untenable. One critic remarked, “As soon as you say any of those three things in a relationship, it’s doomed.” Humorously, another user suggested an alternative: “You forgot about number 4 which is to bury your feelings about being attracted to someone else with a shovel and then bury the shovel.” Male viewers, in particular, voiced concerns about possible backlash, with one jesting, “Great advice, but how do husbands do 1 and 2 without their wives stabbing us in the face?”

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