Coppola’s ‘Megalopolis’ Given SAG Waiver

What’s Brewing in the Coppola Cinematic Kitchen?

Well, what’s Francis Ford Coppola up to now? Word on the reel is his forthcoming opus, “Megalopolis,” is rumored for a Cannes 2024 premiere and has just snagged a curious interim agreement from SAG-AFTRA.

Production Wrapped but Needing Approval?

With production on the film having been concluded earlier in the year, one wonders why Coppola would require any form of pact at this stage. Even Deadline appears just as flabbergasted as we are, offering this…

Perhaps there’s a necessity for Coppola to have a waiver to sell “Megalopolis” in various markets, or to potentially screen during an upcoming festival as part of a publicity campaign.

Coppola’s Cannes Dream and SAG Waiver Question

We can hardly imagine Coppola forsaking the opportunity of a Cannes World Premiere for “Megalopolis.” The speculation is he’s out and about showcasing it for bids. But if so, inquires abound – is a SAG waiver even a necessity? Or could we spot a reshoot in the horizon?

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Editing Process of “Megalopolis” Underway

Regardless of what’s inbound, “Megalopolis” wrapped production back in March and has been undergoing editing. A few weeks ago, Spike Lee mentioned that Coppola presented him with a 30-minute preview of the film. We’ll keep you posted with more details as they emerge.