Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Megalopolis’ is Coming Sooner Than You Think

Celebrated director, Francis Ford Coppola, brings exciting news for fans. On the latest episode of “The Accutron Show,” Coppola hinted at the very imminent release of his long-gestating epic, “Megalopolis,” possibly within this year. Known for his fondness for Cannes Film Festival, it’s highly expected that this might be the grand platform where “Megalopolis” will make its debut.

The Anticipation Builds for “Megalopolis”

Coppola, an abiding presence in the filmmaking industry, kept the tidbits about his new project close to his chest. This cryptic excitement leaves fans and cinephiles buzzing with anticipation. The conjecture leads us toward believing that the release might follow soon after a debut at the Cannes Film Festival.

Cannes First, But Risks Included

The choice of a Cannes debut harbors its share of risks. A lapse in the reviews could impact Coppola’s search for a distributor. Despite this, he holds Cannes in the highest regard and there’s a minor chance we might witness a fall rollout instead, but the odds are slim.

Coppola’s Cannes’ Conundrum

Soon after the release of the 2009 film “Tetro,” Coppola gave Cannes an ultimatum – if not screened in the competition, the film wouldn’t be screened at all. His request was denied. Cannes lore also narrates an earlier instance where “Apocalypse Now” was contested to be screened in the competition, thereby establishing Coppola’s ties to the festival. So it’s no surprise that he would want “Megalopolis” to follow suit.

“Megalopolis”: Who’s Who

The movie promises an all-star cast with unforgettable performances by Adam Driver, Forrest Whittaker, Jon Voight, Nathalie Emmanuel, Laurence Fishbourne, Shia LaBeouf, Aubrey Plaza, Talia Shire, and Dustin Hoffman.

A Long-running Passion Project

Sticklers for detail know that Coppola, the legendary Oscar-winning director, self-funded “Megalopolis,” selling his successful winery to back the passion project that has been in the works for over four decades. The film’s cost totaled around $120 million.

The film narrates the tale of a woman in New York torn between loyalties to her traditionally-minded father and her progressive lover who represents the future.

Introductions to “Megalopolis” seem to date back to the early ‘80s, evidenced in an anecdote about Coppola talking about it during the 1982 shoot of “The Outsiders.”

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