Josh Brolin’s “Outer Range” Canceled After Two Seasons by Amazon

Prime Video has officially canceled its sci-fi Western series “Outer Range” after two seasons. This move halts any further exploration into the mysterious and enigmatic plot centered around Josh Brolin’s character and his “Big Weird Hole.”


Amazon’s Prime Video pulls the plug on “Outer Range,” leaving fans without answers to the show’s central mystery after just two seasons.


“Outer Range,” starring Josh Brolin, was a unique blend of Western and sci-fi elements, promising an intriguing mystery that captivated a niche audience but failed to achieve widespread acclaim or popularity.

Plot Beats

  • The show followed Wyoming rancher Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin) who discovers a seemingly bottomless pit on his land.
  • A strange young woman named Autumn (Imogen Poots) becomes entangled in Abbott’s life, adding to the show’s enigmatic nature.
  • Described as “Yellowstone meets sci-fi,” the series leaned heavily into its mysterious and surreal elements.

Cast and Crew


  • Josh Brolin as Royal Abbott
  • Imogen Poots as Autumn
  • Lili Taylor as Cecilia Abbott
  • Tom Pelphrey as Perry Abbott

Directors and Screenwriters:

  • Created by Brian Watkins
  • Season two showrunner: Charles Murray

Buzz and Highlights

“Outer Range” garnered attention for its offbeat premise and Brolin’s compelling performance. However, despite a slightly warmer reception for its second season, the show struggled to build a substantial following. The cancellation leaves many plot threads unresolved, disappointing fans who were eager for answers about the mysterious pit.

Production Notes

  • The first season introduced viewers to the bizarre world of the Abbotts, blending Western tropes with supernatural intrigue.
  • Season two, under the new direction of Charles Murray, aimed to deepen the mystery but ultimately didn’t gain the traction needed for continuation.

Closing Credits

While “Outer Range” will no longer continue, it remains a notable attempt at blending genres in a unique narrative. Fans of the show will have to make peace with the unresolved mysteries, while Josh Brolin’s earnest discussions about “the hole” will live on in interviews and fan discussions.

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