Greatest Showcase Bid in ‘Price Is Right’ History

“The Price Is Right” has been entertaining audiences since 1972, a revival of a show initially aired in the 1950s and 1960s. That accounts for over 50 years of episodes, involving thousands of shows and Showcases—the final face-offs between two contestants aiming to win incredible prizes.

On the June 7, 2024 episode of “The Price Is Right,” contestant Patrice Masse from Grande Prairie, Alberta came remarkably close to perfection in his Showcase bid. Masse guessed $39,500, only missing the actual retail price of $39,501 by one dollar. Host Drew Carey verified and announced this near-perfect bid, stunned by the accuracy. According to Carey, it might be “the best showcase bid in the history of the show.”

Masse’s precision not only won him his Showcase but also the opposing one, thanks to the show’s rules. His prizes included a new Kia, a motorcycle, trips to Milan, Hawaii, and Miami, totaling $83,068 in winnings.

While this achievement is significant, it is worth noting that there have been exact bids on the Showcase price before, a topic explored in the documentary “Perfect Bid: The Contestant Who Knew Too Much.” This film delves into times when bidders either guessed accurately or had alternative methods for their perfect bids.

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For those interested, “Perfect Bid” is available on several streaming services, including Prime Video, Peacock, and Tubi.

Wrapping Up

To view Patrice Masse’s incredible moment, check out the clip below. For fans of classic game show moments or those curious about the accuracy of bids, “Perfect Bid” offers an intriguing watch. And for more engaging content, visit HitPlay.

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