The Acolyte Influenced by One of the Greatest Directors of All Time

Audiences recently saw the debut of The Acolyte, the newest series in Disney+’s Star Wars catalog. Set at the end of the High Republic era, roughly a century before the prequel trilogy, the show follows a Jedi Master investigating a series of crimes. The Acolyte explores the Jedi at the height of their powers and their complacency in the face of imminent danger.

Star Wars Already Owes a Great Deal to Akira Kurosawa

Creator Leslye Headland, known for the Netflix series Russian Doll, mentioned Akira Kurosawa’s influence on The Acolyte, particularly the structural style of Rashomon. George Lucas’ Star Wars, especially A New Hope, was shaped by Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress, mirroring character archetypes and structural elements.

Kurosawa’s films focus on Japan’s feudal past and the role of the samurai, similar to the Jedi’s in Star Wars. The samurai, trained warriors and peacekeepers, share distinct similarities with the Jedi, including their mission to protect the innocent and their distinctive attire.

Kurosawa’s Rashomon Helped Shape The Acolyte

Rashomon, one of Kurosawa’s most influential films, uses a structure where the same story is told from multiple perspectives, highlighting the subjectivity of truth. This narrative style has influenced The Acolyte, with the series set to unfold through different character perspectives, offering a deeper exploration of the Jedi and Sith dynamics.

An Exciting New Direction for Star Wars

The Acolyte promises a more morally ambiguous take on the Star Wars universe. The series dives into the flaws within the Jedi Order, juxtaposing the Jedi’s benevolent image with their institutionalized power. Leslye Headland aims to explore the cracks that led to the Jedi’s downfall as seen by the time of the prequel trilogy.

The dual viewpoints of the protagonist Sol, a Jedi tasked with apprehending a former ally, and the antagonist will illustrate the complex moral landscape within the Star Wars universe. This promises an engaging narrative filled with dualities and unexpected revelations.

Wrapping Up

The structure and influences behind The Acolyte herald an exciting new direction for the Star Wars franchise. The promise of a Kurosawa-inspired narrative and deeper moral complexity suggests a fresh take that fans have been waiting for. The Acolyte is streaming now on Disney+, with new episodes released each Tuesday. For more updates, visit HitPlay.

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