Fans Celebrate Star Wars With ‘The Acolyte’ Trailer and Poster

The final trailer for the upcoming Disney+ series The Acolyte has been released in celebration of Star Wars Day, offering a deeper look into the mystery of a murdered Jedi and hinting at the presence of a potential Sith character wielding a red lightsaber. The showrunner, Leslye Headland, describes this mysterious figure as her “favorite character,” adding to the anticipation.

Fans are reacting enthusiastically to the trailer, which has already garnered over 1.5 million views on YouTube in just six hours. Many believe the character in question is indeed a Sith.

  • The final trailer for The Acolyte features a mysterious red lightsaber-wielding character and delves into the mystery surrounding a murdered Jedi.
  • Fans celebrated Star Wars Day by sharing their reactions to the trailer and the unveiling of the new series’ official poster.
  • Showrunner Leslye Headland has expressed her admiration for the enigmatic figure featured in the trailer.

May the Fourth Be with You! Star Wars Day is here, and fans were treated to the final trailer of The Acolyte. You can watch the trailer here. The new footage deepens the mystery of the murdered Jedi and features a character who appears to be a Sith, wielding a red lightsaber.

The showrunner, Leslye Headland, provided some insights into this mysterious character during her interview with

“I’ll just say that they’re my favorite character. I hope audiences embrace the duality that exists in every character in the show. The show is an onion. Each episode peels away to reveal something else. I hope the experience of watching it is both suspenseful and satisfying.”

Fans’ Reactions

The Acolyte’s final trailer has sparked extensive conversation among fans. For example, @Nacho2003YT commented:

“That Sith’s helmet looks sick, simulating rows of teeth.”

Similarly, @RiksGamingChannel shared their thoughts:

“‘The Jedi justify their galactic dominance in the name of peace, but that peace is a lie.’ Ooooooooh, I like that little nod to the Sith Code.”

Feel free to view the official poster for The Acolyte:

The Acolyte poster

‘Last Night, A Jedi Was Murdered’ in The Acolyte

The final trailer for The Acolyte intensifies the anticipation for the series, showcasing a red lightsaber-wielding figure confronting a group of Jedi. Master Sol (Lee Jung-jae) confronts this supposed Sith and asks, “What are you?” Fans are reacting to this thrilling scene, as highlighted by @torreyanderson6833:

“The creepy Sith helmet reminds me of something you’d see in an anime. I appreciate the menacing aesthetic they’re going for here.”

The Acolyte is set approximately 100 years before Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace. While some fans, like @DarthMunchkin, raised concerns about the timeline and storytelling:

“I’m just confused that if this takes place 100 years before Phantom Menace, why would the Jedi doubt that a Sith would be around? In PM, they made it seem like a Sith hadn’t been seen for multiple generations, maybe 1,000 years. 100 years would be like me not believing WWII happened even though my grandpa fought in it. I’m hoping this show is good, but the timeline isn’t making sense from the creator.”

Another fan, @PhillipeStLeger, added:

“The only thing I’m curious about is, in The Phantom Menace, the Jedi council seemed skeptical to believe that the Sith had returned, so how could they be so clueless if we’re seeing a Sith appear in this series before The Phantom Menace?”

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Wrapping Up

The two-episode premiere of The Acolyte is set to drop on Tuesday, June 4, on Disney+. Get ready to dive into this prequel series that promises to explore the deeper lore of the Star Wars universe.

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