Is Respawn Cooking a New Multiplayer FPS Project?

Calls have been placed by Respawn Entertainment for a new Principal Character Artist and Game Design Director to join its incubation team working on an undisclosed multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) project. These recent listings on Respawn’s career page hint at a fresh FPS in progress, perhaps in the Titanfall universe, but not necessarily representing a direct sequel.

Redirected Focus on FPS Project Amid Industry Challenges

In what can only be described as a year of ups and downs for the gaming industry, Respawn Entertainment had to shelf its highly anticipated Star Wars FPS. Amid this, rumors of the company’s intent to develop a new Titanfall project began to circulate. Speculation sparked on whether these engaging yet unconfirmed reports signaled the early phases of a new Titanfall game’s development.

Job Descriptions Hint at Commencement of New Project

With roles such as a Principal Character Artist and a Game Design Director listed, the details suggest directions for the new project. Here’s a peek: the posts demand “Significant professional experience designing Multiplayer FPS experiences” and “Experience in systems design such as core player-facing rule sets and large interconnecting frameworks.”

Speculations Abound Around Future Projects

In an insightful dialogue with Axios, Steve Fukuda, famed Titanfall series director, confirmed the existence of a compact team, led by him, at Respawn. He articulated their mission as “to find the fun in something new.” The current job listings align with this mission, further bolstering speculations of a new Titanfall game or another innovative FPS marvel in the making.

Wrapping Up

While promising, these are still unconfirmed hypotheses, and only official announcements from Respawn Entertainment would validate these assumptions. Speculators and fans alike will just have to be patient and tune in to their release calendar for eventual revelations. Whether hopeful for a Titanfall sequel or excited for an entirely fresh avenue, an interesting surprise might be on the horizon from Respawn Entertainment. Want to delve further into this and other gaming insights? Visit HitPlay.

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