Eva Mendes Reacts to Ryan Gosling Kissing ‘Babe’ Emily Blunt

Ryan Gosling recently featured in the reboot of ‘The Fall Guy,’ alongside British actress Emily Blunt. The pair’s on-screen chemistry proved to be a highlight of the film. In a surprising move, Gosling’s real-life spouse, Eva Mendes, shared a promotional photo of Gosling and Blunt sharing an on-screen kiss on her social media account.

Mendes’ Support of Gosling’s Latest Film

Actress Eva Mendes, who married Gosling in 2022, broke her usual rule about not posting photos of her husband’s on-screen romance. She shared an Instagram picture of a promotional poster for ‘The Fall Guy,’ featuring Gosling and Blunt in a romantic moment. The post was accompanied by Mendes praising Gosling’s performance in the 2024 release, expressing her pride in the film.

Reception of ‘The Fall Guy’

‘The Fall Guy’ proved to be enjoyable for many viewers, as evidenced by the positive reactions on social media. Mendes included a series of screenshots of tweets from satisfied viewers in her post. In addition to these glowing audience reviews, CinemaCon 2024 screenings of the film prompted positive responses from critics. Notably, Sean O’Connell of CinemaBlend cited the undeniable chemistry between Gosling and Blunt as a significant reason to watch the film.

Sales Performance of ‘The Fall Guy’

‘The Fall Guy,’ a non-superhero movie, emerged as the first film to top the summer box office in 17 years. The movie grossed $107 million worldwide on a reported budget of $125–150 million, according to Box Office Mojo. Despite not breaking the box office, the film achieved a notable feat by setting a new stunt record for the most cannon rolls performed in a car.

Wrapping Up

In a testament to her graciousness, Mendes’ post broke her usual rule about not sharing photos of Gosling’s on-screen kisses. This action highlighted her support of his career, including Gosling’s performance in ‘The Fall Guy.’ The film is currently available for viewing in theaters. If you’re eager to enjoy more excellent films, consider visiting HitPlay today.

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